House Planning | The Dining Room

Well, while I've been slacking on getting these room moodboard posts up, we've actually been making a lot of real-life progress on the house (yay!).  Between painting, organizing, working full-time jobs, and raising an almost 8 month-old, time slips away pretty quickly!  It's so fun to share what we've been doing, and since this room isn't quite blog ready yet, I'll share what we've planned with a few links because I've had people ask based off of my Instagram stories.

1. Cage Chandelier from Home Depot  |  2. Modern Pillow from Target  |  3. Mid-Century Planter from Target  |  4. Sommerfield Table & Chairs by Ashley  |  5. Commune Diamond Rug by West Elm

The dining room is one of my favorites, you guys, because it sits right at the front of the house.  It's a really formal space, and we wanted it to be set apart from the main wall color (a lighter gray) so Jordan painted it a nice medium gray (Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray - to be exact).  We've got a fantastic dining room set from Ashley, and the chairs are so comfortable I often just eat in there instead of at our more casual kitchen table... There's a darling little window seat in this room, also, and I love it so much.  Right now we have a mid-century style planter on one side and some funky Target pillows on the other side.  Target's been getting to me lately with their super modern, super affordable, limited-time only lines... Not cool when Mama's on a budget.

We've got plans to make some massive chevron pieces out of reclaimed barn wood for wall art, and still will need to choose a rug, but overall the room is about done!