Breakfast Pizza


Okay so, if you have a husband like mine who loves watching Barstool Sports, you may also have a pizza obsession on your hands... After trying almost every local pizza shop here in town, Jordan and I moved on to making our own at home. My parents gave Jordan a pizza oven (linked here!) for his birthday, and since then we've had a lot of fun perfecting our own recipes. On New Year's Eve Day, Jordan made a breakfast pizza that was SO epic we had to share it with you guys. It's a great way to use up leftovers, and you can easily swap out toppings for other breakfast-y items in your fridge. 

A few other tips for making this a little more "no-fuss" - I had 1/2 lb bags of browned sausage and ground beef already in the freezer, and leftover gravy from the other night in the fridge. We also got our pizza dough the night before from local pizza shop, and they roll it out for you which saves us a ton of time. (If you're local to Wichita, the shop is Il Vicino.) Trader Joe's and Whole Foods also have amazing pre-made pizza dough. If you want to make your own, Jiffy makes a great (and super cheap) "just add water" mix for like 99 cents in grocery stores. Finally, I'm a microwave bacon kind of gal. It's just easier to buy it in those microwave packets. Yes it's terrible for you... but let's be real - bacon in general is terrible for you ;). Other toppings I would try are: green peppers, diced tomatoes, ham, and cheddar cheese. You could make a Denver omelette style of breakfast pizza, which sounds amazing as I type it out... the possibilities are endless!


Pizza dough, rolled out to 10" on parchment paper 

Gravy (This recipe halved)

2-3 eggs, scrambled

Hot breakfast sausage

Ground beef

Bacon crumbles

Shredded Italian cheese blend

Italian seasoning

Frank's Hot Sauce (for drizzle)


Preheat your pizza oven or pizza stone for 20 min. Don't have either of those? Trust me, they make a difference. Pizza oven linked here, and pizza stone linked here.

Assemble your pizza on the parchment paper with gravy as the sauce, scrambled eggs, meat, and top with cheese. Sprinkle Italian seasoning over the top before baking. 

We keep the parchment paper under the dough for the first 4 min while it bakes on medium heat in our pizza oven, and then remove it for the last 2 min to let the crust get crisper. 

Once it's done baking, remove from oven and let it cool for a minute before cutting into slices. Drizzle hot sauce on top for added flavor (and trust me, it's definitely the necessary cherry on top of an already delicious pizza!)


Another New Year: A Look Back at 2017

Last year's post was so fun to write that I wanted to do it again in a similar style this year! 2016 was all about my pregnancy, and 2017 was (obviously) all about 2 becoming 3. We have grown so much this year, and we've made so many special memories along the way. I LOVED looking back at all of these sweet photos, and hope you'll enjoy the quick recap with me.


January - We kicked off 2017 with the end of my maternity leave, and we also started sleep training B in her crib. There were some rough nights this month, but I'm so proud of us for sticking with it. B loves her crib now, and sleeps like a champ through each night.


February - Our first Valentine's Day as parents! We spent an evening out at one of our favorite restaurants, and made it back in time to put B down for bed. 


March - This is when things got really exciting for the Storeys in 2017. We put our house on the market, and it sold within the week! We also took B on her first plane ride to St. Louis, and she did so so well. 

April - B's first trip to the Zoo, B's first Easter, and B began eating solid foods. Lots and lots of firsts this month! All the while we were packing up our house to move.

First walk in our new neighborhood!

First walk in our new neighborhood!

May - We moved into our new house! We went a little crazy painting, organizing, and planning for each room, but it was truly a labor of love. 

IMG_5097 2.JPG

June - Hellooooo, Google! We took our first trip away from B up to Northern California to visit Google HQ and do some wine tasting at our old stomping grounds. Read about both of those trips here (Google) and here (Sonoma).

July - Our first summer with a baby that loves the water! We loved taking B in the pool with us, and she even got her own little wading pool to hang in after naps in the backyard. We also welcomed B's sweet cousin Skylar (a.k.a. "Nut Nut") this month!


August - I redid our deck with some new pillows and decor, and B officially started eating only Baby-Led Weaning foods. We also completed B's playroom this month! Read about the deck refresh here and playroom tour here.  As it got nicer in the mornings and evenings, we spent a ton of time out here as a family!


September - We took a little trip up to KC to celebrate a friend's wedding, and stayed within walking distance of the Plaza. B was a champ riding in the car, which was a huge relief for us! 


October - Happy Birthday to B! Celebrating B turning 1 was the highlight of our month, and we threw a huge fiesta for her (blog post here) with some of our favorite people. B also loved her 2nd Halloween as Snow White, and enjoyed all the trick-or-treating with cousins and friends.

November - Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary to us! Also, this was B's first Thanksgiving as a real food eater! Girlfriend loved all the carbs she got to devour, and I put up Christmas decorations waaaay too early. Happy Birthday to Jordan this month too! November's always a busy month of celebrations for this little family. :)


December - Christmas with a 1 year-old means festivities allllll month long! I spent tons of time planning our decorations, and loved every minute of this month's holiday spirit. B and I read "Twas' the Night Before Christmas" before bed every night, and she loved seeing Santa everywhere in town calling him "Ho Ho."

How crazy that 2018 is tomorrow, right? We're grateful for all the blessings 2017 brought, and are excited for the new changes ahead. 

Wacky Cake & December Birthdays


Happy Birthday to me! It's been quite a year of growth, and it's gone by so quickly (which I credit to the 14 month-old running around my house.) And yes, it's literally days before Christmas that I'm posting this because I am lucky to be in the December Birthday Club. Growing up, it was always "Poor thing - must be hard to have your birthday that close to Christmas." Guys, it's actually really awesome since every year I had my birthday off for Winter Break, in addition to it being the most wonderful time of year. If you have parents like I do, every birthday was special since they were always careful to separate Christmas and birthday parties. Yes, it's a little crazy as an adult trying to squeeze in the celebration with everything else going on, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And since I'm even more into Christmas this year, thanks again to the 14 month-old in my life, I topped this year's birthday cake with a few festive decorations because THAT, my friends, is the beauty of having your birthday so close to Christmas - you can totally combine the two if you want to, but only if you want to ;).

I promised you a recipe, and this one you'll want to hold on to. This is my Great-Aunt Wanda's Wacky Cake recipe, and it's so easy that you can literally mix it in the cake pan (hence the reason why it's so wacky)! We make it often for birthdays in my family, but it's also great to bring to any gathering since it's so simple. This recipe comes with a warning and a very funny anecdote: The first (and only) time my dad made this for my mom's birthday when they were freshly married, he followed all of the directions and then never stirred the ingredients together - just baked as is! So please, please remember to stir everything together :). Also, truly hilarious that on the original recipe card my grandmother wrote this cake recipe was "foolproof." 


2 2/3 cups of flour

1 1/2 cups of sugar

5 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2 1/4 teaspoons of baking soda

Pinch of salt

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 stick melted unsalted butter

2 cups cold water


1 stick melted unsalted butter

1 lb powdered sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/4 cup milk


Preheat oven to 350*.

Mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt directly in your cake pan. Once thoroughly combined, make three indentions (or "holes") in your dry ingredient mixture.

Put 2 T. white vinegar in one hole, 1 1/2 t. vanilla in one hole, and 1 stick melted better in one hole. Pour 2 cups cold water over all. Mix well, and bake at 350* for 25 min.


Melt 1 stick unsalted butter. Pour over 1 lb powdered sugar and 2 T. cocoa powder (I omitted the cocoa for my snowy cake's look, but you can't beat chocolate cake with chocolate icing!). Mix with electric mixer, and slowly add in 1/4 cup of milk until consistency is not too thick or thin.