November Snow Day


I was pretty sure B wouldn’t like the snow, BUT she surprised me and couldn’t get enough of it! Plus Mali really loves the snow, so B got a kick out of watching her run around like crazy.

My mom suggested bringing in some snow in a bowl, and letting B play with it inside (on a mat or towel). Best idea ever! B loved playing with the snow, cooking it, eating it, etc.


No snow day is complete without hot chocolate, and B got to try her own little mug of it for the first time.

I normally buy hot chocolate mix, but we were fresh out so I made a mix from what we had on hand, and now we have extra for later!

Pantry Hot Cocoa Mix
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 pinch of salt

Add ingredients to a mason jar, put lid on and shake to combine. Add however many scoops you prefer to heated milk. We used vanilla almond milk and it was amazing!

We had such a fun snow day! B dragged me out a second time just that morning with her blow-up donut. Even though it was FREEZING cold, we had a blast!


Kids' Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I go back and forth every year between last minute gift shopping and early bird Black Friday sale shopping for Christmas. But I’m always way happier when I get it done early, so THIS YEAR is the year I’m going to be on the ball. As I was putting together a list of ideas for B, I kept finding some great gifts for boys as well, and I knew I had to share. Word to the wise, if you’re not ready to buy yet, bookmark these links and watch for sales. November is the best month for Christmas shopping, hands down, and most of these are bound to go on sale (aside from Cuddle + Kind, but their mission is worth splurging on in my opinion!) Also, there’s plenty of gifts that could work for girls AND boys on both of these lists, but splitting them up allowed me to make room for even more ideas, so feel free to shop them both!

This San Francisco pop-out city is the cutest, and it comes in a few other cities as well. Cuddle + Kind’s Skye the Mermaid is one of our favorite dolls, and I love all of their mermaids that are represented. The stacking rainbow is super popular in Montessori groups, and this one is handmade in Germany! I loved this tiny teepee + wooden doll set from Manhattan Toy - it had excellent reviews for younger kids as well. We have the unicorn dress-up kit from Meri Meri, and their princess dress-up kit is just as fun (includes cape, wand + crown) for girls of many ages. If you haven’t heard of tegu blocks yet, you’re missing out! We have a small set in our diaper bag, and they’re so nice for imaginative play on the go. I love the Cook in a Book books, and the cookie book is brand new so you know I’ll be getting it for B’s stocking. Finally, this ride-on moped is SO cute and what kid wouldn’t love this/it doubles as adorable home decor.

Cuddle + Kind’s mission is the best, but also their boy dolls are SO precious - my favorite is Maximus the Cat. I found these darling wooden cars in a mid-century style on Amazon, and immediately wanted them allllll - they have everything from little station wagons with surfboards to police cars to taxis. Gathre makes the best mats (multi-functional and easy to clean) and their train mat is my favorite currently. BabyLit books are the cutest, and I think every boy needs a Huckleberry Finn book in his library. If you’re already a tegu block fan, you have to see the car versions of them. My brothers had a great castle set growing up, and I think this one from Melissa & Doug is really cute. This ride-on Farmer’s Market delivery truck from PB Kids is so adorable. Finally, Wes Anderson fans… did this tent make you think of Moonrise Kingdom immediately? I want this little explorer tent so badly - it’s childhood in a time capsule.

35C04434-AA3E-4F9F-BB91-ECE41295C25C 2.jpg

We’re still brainstorming our big Santa gift to B! Last year we got her this old school pram, and it was so precious on Christmas morning. This will probably be the last year we decide for her what Santa will bring, so I am giving it all the thought I can!

Our Christmas Cards for 2018 with Basic Invite


It’s officially November, which means I’m prepping early for Christmas because November is an insane month for our family (birthdays on birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Thanksgiving!) I love doing happy holiday cards for our friends and family, but last year I totally dropped the ball and never sent them. SOOO this year, we’re definitely sending them + I am adding some special touches to the ones I will hand-deliver. There’s just something about dried oranges and sprigs of greenery - I can’t get enough this time of year.


We got these darling cards from Basic Invite, and it took me like 4-5 different versions of this card before I nailed it down because they have so many elegant Christmas cards it just felt impossible to choose one from their 500+ Christmas card and holiday card designs. I also played around with what seemed like a million different color schemes (a designer’s dream of course) because they have over 180 different color options you can try on card designs. They also have foil (gold, silver and rose gold) for those wanting that extra special finish.


I love the envelopes we got too - they have over 40 different colors that you can match to your card. I always try to find a fun envelope color because it just feels so festive and special from the moment you get it in the mail.

I’m a little extra this year with how I’m handwriting cursive on card envelopes, but if you’re strapped for time, Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that’s no extra cost on Christmas card orders. You can simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request your friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the your account and can then be selected during the design process. BAM, done.


For my girl boss friends, business owners, and freelancers, Basic Invite also has professional holiday cards that will knock your socks off.

Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30! Snap that up!