Daily Harvest Review

I've been loving these Daily Harvest cups for MONTHS, and I keep saying I'll put together a review of some of my favorites, but time just slips away. Well, I've gotten to try their newest cups of lattes and cold soups (literally incredible - trust me) and I had to share finally!

Daily Harvest has Smoothies, Chia Parfaits, Overnight Oats, Lattes, Soups, & Harvest Bowls. They come in the mail, and go directly into your freezer for later (or right away - no judgement!) Each cup has directions, and they're the simplest ever. Their Harvest Bowls and Soups have saved me from eating a whole pack of Girl Scout cookies for lunch on many occasions! I put together a review of cups I've tried below, and included photos so you can see the final product.

If you're on the fence about trying these, I have a code to tempt you a little! Use my code ASTOREY for 3 free cups on your first order.


Chaga + Chocolate Latte
I whipped out the milk frother just for this occasion! The Latte cups come with three single serve portions so you're really getting 3-for-1 here, and just one serving was all I needed for the morning. This particular flavor was AMAZING. It reminded me of Mexican Hot Chocolate, and it's rich enough to be delicious as a frozen latte as well. I made mine with regular milk, but it would be just as yummy with any other non-dairy milk. A few other things to note: Daily Harvest's thing is special, extra nutritional ingredients in every cup. This one has Chaga and Reishi Mushrooms (that I never would've believed were in there) to help boost your immune system. It also has Organic Cacao, and the website says that ingredient boosts your serotonin levels. So while it didn't have caffeine in it, it totally boosted my mood and it tasted like actual heaven soooo there's that.


Cinnamon Protein + Banana Overnight Oats
All I can say is... YES. I'm the worst about eating breakfast, and this is amazing in the morning. I added sliced bananas, chia seeds, and coconut chips on top just because. This cup has cocoa nips in it, and when you eat it hot they get melty and delish! Also totally suggest doing these like traditional overnight oats, and placing them in the fridge w/ your liquid of choice for 6+ hours. I've also tried the Mulberry + Dragon Fruit oats, which were amazing as well. My favorite thing about these is that they're easy for a busy morning because you can literally prepare them the night before.


Quinoa + Chipotle Harvest Bowl
This was easily one of the best lunches I had all week! These are totally great without all the extras, but if you're bringing it to work, I'd suggest adding 1/2 cup of black beans or chicken for protein + an avocado because it's SO good with avocado. I fancied mine up because I had everything on hand. I made a taco salad with fresh greens, avocado, sliced tomatoes, cilantro, queso fresco, and hard-shell tortillas. Drizzle a little spicy olive oil + lime juice on top for dressing! I wish I could eat this everyday gehhhhh.


Tomato + Bell Pepper Chilled Soup
This is a brand new soup that's out for summer, and I was STOKED to try it because I'm a huge tomato fan. It has all the right salsa vibes. I added my homemade bone broth to it, and would recommend doing a chicken stock or bone broth as your liquid for this one. It's a chilled soup, so you eat it cold, and it's totally refreshing. I love love love their hot soups, and can't wait to try the other two chilled soups sitting in my freezer.


Blueberry + Hemp Smoothie
B and I shared this one, and she drank way more than her fair share ;). It has hemp protein in it, which is a really specific taste (and yes you can taste it) but I didn't mind the flavor. Overall, it tastes like a blueberry smoothie, and the hidden greens were an added bonus. Their smoothies are always good, in my opinion. They usually have something special that I wouldn't think to add or be able to find in my local grocery store. 


Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae
B and I are official smoothie and sundae taste-testers together - they're her favorite after-nap snack, of course. There's tons of hidden veggies AND they're vegan (we made ours with vanilla almond milk) so they're perfect to share with my kiddo. I love that they included toppings for this one. It had a graham cracker/cheesecake crust vibe, without the guilt!

Final Thoughts
Some of these cups are more on-the-go friendly than others, and a few lend themselves to snacks more than meals. It completely depends on what you're wanting, and Daily Harvest has a lot of variety to make your box of cups work for your needs. What I love about them is the convenience factor + health factor without losing on taste. I'm a bit of a smoothie snob, and I like my smoothies not to be too watery, green-tasting, etc. I have loved every single smoothie so far, and each one has been B approved. Many of their smoothie cups soothe a sweet tooth, which is also a huge win in my book. Finally, their bowls and soups save me on the regular when I forget to make myself lunch (mom problems). I find myself adding things to the bowls and soups, but they're super yummy on their own. I usually get a mix of cups for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and love that they have something for everyone.

Try out Daily Harvest with 3 free cups using my code ASTOREY, and let me know what you think! 

What's in My Pool Bag?


Hello from Summerland! We've been living at the pool this summer, and love that our local YMCA has Toddler Time in the mornings from 10:30AM - 12PM. It's been really great for B, and she naps like a dream every time we go! I've become a master packer of the pool bag, and have a few favorite products to share with you that we've been loving.


For B:

  1. Baby Bum sunscreen: There's nothing worse than greasy sunscreen! We like this brand for quick application, and B's skin has stayed well-protected every time.
  2. Native shoes: A friend of mine (who's mastered the 2 under 2 life) told me about these, and they're the BEST summer shoes. They don't stink, they're washable, and they slip on easily. They come in a million different colors, too! B wears them at the pool and in the backyard to keep her feet from getting burned. They're also great for the lake!
  3. Snack holder: This is perfect for little toddler hands. B inhales her snacks, and this slows her down a little. It's also really cute, and easy to find in a big bag.
  4. Puddle jumper: Not pictured here, but these are also life-savers (literally). B's 10x more confident in the water with these on.

For Me:

  1. Birkenstock sandals: I actually just ordered these because all of my summer shoes are not toddler-mom friendly (Read: Take more than half a second to put on.) I've seen raving reviews on these, so I pulled the plug! My hope is that they'll last me a few summers.
  2. Turkish towel/cover-up: This is the world's easiest cover-up! I don't rock it at the grocery store, but it works in a pinch at the pool. I can wear it tied around my waist, and it also works as a super-absorbent towel. It's the MVP of my pool bag - I get sad if it's in the wash. (P.S. The one I have on in the photo above was hand-dyed by me with an indigo shibori kit, but the striped towels are linked on Amazon here!)
  3. Yeti tumbler: I use these every day in the summer for my iced coffee, and they're amazing because the ice STAYS frozen for hours and hours. I'll bring it to the pool filled with ice water, and share with B.
  4. Warby Parker sunglasses: I have already sung their praises in my Punta Cana post, but I'll sing it again. Literally could not live without these. They're a dream! 
  5. Baseball hat: Let's be real - A baseball hat covers a multitude of hair sins. I almost never put on makeup or do my hair for the pool because it's ruined in minutes. This makes me look almost put-together, and I love that it keeps the sun off my face.

Our matching Kortni Jeane suits are the #1 thing we get comments on at the pool! Our suits are from a previous collection, but you can shop their latest patterns here. Also BOY MOMS, listen up! They also have boy suits so you can twin with your little men. How great is that?? 


Summer Thoughts

_DSC0130 copy.jpg

If you would've asked me even just a year ago if I were more of a cold-weather or hot-weather kind of gal, I would've answered with "Winter, all the way." Obviously, winter means Christmas, snow, snuggles by the fireplace, mugs of hot chocolate, and dressing in cute, forgiving layers of clothing. But here's what I didn't realize - Summer with a kiddo is crazy fun. 

We've been stocking the freezer with a minimum of 5 variations of popsicles, and B's loving all the water-time we've been having. If we're not swimming at the pool, we're playing in the backyard with the hose. She loves spraying Mali, and Mali (being half-Golden Retriever) loves the water. It's been so HOT, but we kind of dig it. I love how summer is so laid-back, and everything feels a little lighter. It's a good season.

Other things we're loving right now: 

  • Fruit & veggies: We're lucky to get them fresh year-round, but in the summer produce is just exceptionally good. I need to start a garden next year so we can at least have tomatoes. We have a small basil plant that's thriving. B loves to water it with me!
  • Longer naps: Swimming takes it out of my little fish! She naps so long when we swim in the morning, and I'm getting really spoiled with the extra quiet time.
  • Nakie life: This one applies most to B, haha. She's been living her best life just hanging out in her birthday suit + a diaper around the house.
  • Sink baths: I've been bathing Miss Nakie Life multiple times a day, and it's just easier to throw her in the sink. I keep a little cake pedestal of baby wash, lotion, etc. near the sink for those occasions. She's almost too big for it, and it's killing me. (P.S. We took the photo below after a sink bath, and it was a sponsored post for Poppyseed Goods. Their gift boxes are SO good. I use everything from that box on a daily basis.)
  • Podcasts on repeat: I mainly listen to Dax Shepard's podcast (Armchair Expert), a podcast by another local Wichitan that you have to check out (Letting the Light In by Kamri Phillippi), and a million Bachelor podcasts (faves: Here to Make Friends & Almost Famous). I put them on while I crank out design work during naptime, and it weirdly helps me focus.

Things I'm not loving right now though are all the pests that spring to life this time of year. If you saw my snake debacle on IG Stories a few weeks ago... just know I haven't been in the basement since, and no we never caught the darn guy. Other pests I've battled: 1 wasp and countless spiders. LUCKILY, we do not have ants this summer. We dealt with them last summer, and it was the grosssssest (probably made worse by the fact that I'm not great with dishes in the sink, and we did not have a dishwasher that summer - a story for another day.) 

We're not planning any big family trips this summer, but will probably make some small trips to the lake or Kansas City by summer's end. After B's unexpected nap in the car a month ago, we were encouraged by the idea that she might nap in the car (B naps in her crib only, and that's how she rolls). Until then, we'll be enjoying the summer sun and I'll continue hoarding popsicles in my garage freezer.