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3 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

3 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy October! It’s my favorite month of the year. We’re kicking it off with three (super easy) Halloween costume ideas that you can DIY in a pinch.

I’m a huge fan of Plum NYC’s tutus. They’re so versatile, and the quality is hard to beat. You can dress them up with layers like I did here and here, throw a t-shirt over them (examples 1 & 2), or just wear them for fun around the house. B rocks them multiple times a week. I made them the base for these three costume ideas because they’re comfy for kiddos, easy to layer if the weather gets cold, and they’re just plain cute.


Idea #1: Poppy from Trolls

We LOVE Poppy from Trolls, so when I saw this hilarious headband in the Dollar Spot at Target, I snapped it up for B’s costume bin. Honestly, this outfit is cute enough without the flowers on the tutu. But I think they add a little something fun, and make it look more finished. I cut out felt flower shapes and hot glued the two layers of felt together. To adhere them to the tutu without leaving residue, I used removable fabric tape (Amazon link here, but much cheaper at Hobby Lobby. Just look for “removable double-sided tape” in the fabric aisle.) On a chilly night, I’d layer this with some hot pink tights or socks and a light blue sweater.


Idea #2: Magical Unicorn

We’ve had this tail and horn set from Love of Character for a year now, and it’s still one of B’s favorite dress-up pieces. It’s handy to have during the month of October for casual costume parties and random Halloween events. The head piece always stays on well, and I love the cute little tail tied on over a simple dress or tutu! How cute would this be on a cold night with striped rainbow leggings and a matching sweater??


Idea #3: A Strawberry Frappuccino

I convinced B to wear this by telling her she was going to be a “Coffee Princess” which is hilarious when you consider the fact that her massive whipped cream headband is the “crown.” I made her headband out of stiffened white and green felt, hot glue, and a toddler-sized headband. Tip: Thinner headbands will be easier to work with.

For the whipped cream, I got a large piece of stiffened felt and folded it in half. I then drew the shape I wanted, traced the headband at the bottom of the shape, and cut both pieces out together. I used hot glue to adhere the sides together at the top, and then glued the bottom edges to the headband. Finally, I added the green straw with a dab of glue.

The logo was done in Photoshop, and I printed it out using regular computer paper. If your toddler’s rocking this look while trick or treating, the logo on paper might not hold up all night long. You can also get printable fabric for your logo, or DIY a matching sweatshirt/t-shirt with the logo using iron-on transfer paper. I adhered my paper logo with the same removable fabric tape from Idea #1.


For reference, B is in a 2T-3T depending on the brand, and she wears a 2Y in Plum NYC’s tutus. Happy costume planning!

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