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I’m Abby, Wife to Jordan & Mama to B. I live in Wichita, KS and blog about a little bit of everything.

Baby #2 - The First Trimester

Baby #2 - The First Trimester

I thought it would be fun to do a blog series by trimester since I didn’t have a blog when I was pregnant with B. I barely documented my pregnancy with her, to be honest, but I remember it very clearly since it was all so new. In atypical second child fashion, this kid’s getting special treatment the first born didn’t get!

Weeks 4-7

I surprised Jordan with the news over dinner on one of our date nights when we were looking at the wine list - obviously no wine for me that night! I had little to no symptoms the first 2-3ish weeks. I did give up caffeine in the first trimester because coffee stopped sounding good, so the fatigue (one of my bigger symptoms this early) seemed much worse. Also waking up to pee multiple times a night doesn’t help fatigue either!

Weeks 8-12

Around 8 weeks the nausea started to come on strong, but the worst of it was in the afternoon to evenings. I was starving with major food aversions, so nothing sounded palatable except for refined carbs like mashed potatoes (without gravy) and cereal. I ate a lot of cereal those weeks. Cravings could be described as “The only thing that didn’t make me gag,” but were totally inconsistent, so grocery shopping was pretty impossible. This time around, the food aversions were harder to deal with because I was cooking for a family instead of just Jordan and I. So I heated up a lot of pre-cooked frozen meals just for B and Jordan, and ended up with PB&J or cereal because dinner was the worst time of night for my nausea. Costco was a saving grace with their family meals!

I have been LIVING on large Sonic ice waters with lime. B and I have made it our new habit, in place of Starbucks runs, and she loves getting a little juice or flavored water before we run errands. I started buying my own limes to make the drink at home, but their ice is just the best. We still go multiple times a week!

Other things like citrus, lollipops, plain crackers, and sparkling water made these weeks a little easier. I finally caved after our Colorado trip and got on a small dose of nausea medicine (from my doctor, of course) and that has made daily living, especially with a toddler, a lot happier.

B’s shirt is from Cheerily.co

B’s shirt is from Cheerily.co

Telling B

We took B out to dinner, and told her before we announced to our families. Her initial reaction was really sweet, and she was bubbling over with excitement. She cried when I went to the bathroom at the restaurant because she wanted to stay close to the baby. She also almost spilled the beans early on to friends a few times because she was so excited about the baby in Mommy’s tummy! Occasionally she still asks about the baby, but her processing is more in her play. I’ve noticed her stuffing dolls in her shirts, and love how maternal she is about all of her babies.


Here’s the deal. I ponied up for the fancier vitamins early on, and did pretty well taking them until our Colorado trip. I finally decided they weren’t helping my nausea, so switched to an iron-free gummy vitamin (labeled for sensitive stomachs) and it did help with nighttime nausea. I fully plan on going back to the first prenatals I bought once I run out of the gummies, but they did help me a ton when nausea was at its height. I linked the prenatals I’ve been using below:

Differences This Time Around

We’re finding out the gender in a few weeks, so I’m not sure yet if the differences will matter more after we know. With B I was also pretty nauseated around the same weeks, but it felt more manageable because I worked from home and was totally kid-free. I remember being completely grossed out by pork carnitas, probably because I made a huge batch of them right before we found out, and couldn’t bear to even see them written on menus at Mexican restaurants for weeks. Food aversions weren’t quite as intense the first time, but I did eat like a picky little kid just like I’ve been doing this time around. With this pregnancy, everything grossed me out. It was a miracle when I could heat up meatballs on the stove without gagging.

With B, I had a little bit of acne that popped up around 12-16 weeks. With this pregnancy, I’ve noticed mini breakouts much earlier on. I’ve also started showing a tiny bit sooner, but part of that could be me already owning maternity pants and rocking them much sooner too. I gave in last week and brought my pregnancy pillow to bed with me. Being a stomach sleeper in pregnancy is one of my least favorite habits to break!

Weird Cravings:

  • Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with Cheez-It’s (B and I share this lunch multiple times a week!)

  • Miso Soup - I could eat this all. day. long.

  • McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and Fries with Buffalo Sauce - if you haven’t had this dipping sauce you are missing out!

  • Orange Juice - Something about the tart/sweet combo is irresistible right now.

We’re so excited to be pregnant again! It’s a huge blessing that we aren’t taking for granted, and I’m looking forward to seeing B step into the role as a big sister. She’s definitely looking forward to having a little baby in the house.

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