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A Colorful Princess Party

A Colorful Princess Party


Can we talk about the glorious princess phase? B’s obsessed with all things princess lately, and all of her little friends are too. So when we had the opportunity to play dress-up with our absolute favorite princess dresses, Little Adventures, it only made sense to celebrate the occasion! Instead of a more traditional princess party theme for paper goods and decor, I based this mini party on some neon Meri Meri plates from Love of Character. I used larger plates as chargers to fancy things up a little, and found rainbow cups that tied in the backdrop. (I’ve linked everything including the paper goods, party decor, kid furniture, and dresses at the bottom!)

The bright girly colors combined with gold details made this feel like a royal and playful affair! I love how character parties can be based on a color scheme, like this one, to incorporate lots of different styles into one cohesive look.

_DSC0076 3.jpg

If I’ve learned one thing about taking photos of toddlers (namely MY toddler) it’s that treats make them 110% more cooperative in front of a camera. So while I love an excuse for a party, this set-up also worked as a massive bribe and excellent distraction while I got some candids of the girls in their dresses. They loved the tiny cookies (macarons from Whole Foods) and homemade rainbow pudding cups!


These little rainbow pudding cups were super easy to make! I mixed coordinating food coloring in four different bowls, let them set in the fridge, filled small plastic cups (linked here) color by color, and topped with whipped cream right before serving. Little tip: Use ziploc baggies with the corner cut off for a mess-free fill method.

_DSC0072 3.jpg

For the backdrop, I made a rainbow crepe fringe with a cloud-like balloon/honeycomb hybrid garland. I love that the honeycombs are reusable, but it was a total learning curve for this gal (see my Instagram stories for the video series on how I DIY-ed it). The fringe was much easier. For each strip, I folded the top two inches over a line of strung up twine and taped with scotch tape.

I looked up so many ideas for the backdrop, and even considered painting a big castle scene on a painter’s dropcloth (a $10 DIY solution I’ve used in the past for B’s 2nd bday), but nothing incorporated all the princesses effortlessly like a simple cloud and girly rainbow setup. Even a Polynesian Princess and Ice Queen from opposite worlds can co-exist happily here!


Each princess got to pick her dress before the party. We have (in order from left to right) Yellow Beauty, Polynesian Princess, Classic Rapunzel, and Ice Princess. As a mom, I’m a huge fan of this company. Their costumes are all itch-free and machine washable. I throw B’s dresses in the washer and dryer all the time, and they look the same as when we got them. They wear really well for active kids, plus they’re actually comfy. It’s a win-win!


I keep all of our unused paper goods in a storage tote, and it comes in handy for small parties and photoshoots like this! Some of what’s shown is from that tote, so it’s not linkable anymore sadly. That being said, I totally recommend having a tote for leftover party goods - especially if you use similar color schemes again and again (like the gold accents from the baby shower I recently hosted.)

Paper Goods
Neon Gold-Edge Small Plates
Frenchie Metallic Striped Large Plates
Gold Splatter Napkins
Rainbow Cups
Gold Straws

Party Decor
Crepe Paper - Pink, Coral, Lime Green, and Mint
Honeycombs - Set of 5

Kid Furniture
Table - Fun fact: This is an unfinished coffee table painted white. Coffee tables are the same height as kid tables, and depending on the style, they can be a lot wider and longer which is great for crafts, parties, etc.
Chairs - These are my sister-in-law’s chairs that we borrowed for the photoshoot. They come with a white table that’s linked with the set.
Lorena Canals Rug (also washable!)

Yellow Beauty
Polynesian Princess
Classic Rapunzel
Ice Princess

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