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Kortni Jeane in Key West

Kortni Jeane in Key West


If you’ve been to Key West, you already know that they fully embrace their Key West-ness. The entire town seems to be in the same summery color scheme, and I lucked out because these Kortni Jeane swimmers were the perfect fit for those vibes. In a town obsessed with Key Lime Pie, these burnt lime swimsuits were right at home. We may or may not have eaten said pie every night of vacation.


We spent a ton of time just hanging out at the resort, playing in the sand, eating popsicles and fruit smoothies, and lounging in the pool. B would literally wake up from nap every day and demand “Ice cream!” followed by “Pool!” She was a pro at getting dressed in record time to get downstairs to play in the water. Her scowls here are only because I’m making her stop for a photo op.


Of course, I love matching B, but I promise you I would wear Kortni Jeane even if they didn’t have mini versions of their suits for littles. Their suits are totally made for cool moms - I can chase my active toddler around the pool and beach without my bottoms riding up or worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. But at the same time, I can rock some funky colors and prints in trendy swimsuit styles. I feel modest but not matronly in them, and that’s a HUGE win for me.


Did you notice B’s stuffed turtle? That’s Tammy the Turtle. B adopted her on night 2 of vacation, and she came along for every adventure in Key West!

Pro-tip: Food bribes are an excellent way to get kids to cooperate in photos. Not like I did that here or anything… :)

This Kansas girl couldn’t get over the lush foliage and palm trees in Florida. There were also roosters, chickens, and lizards EVERYWHERE. Believe it or not, I saw more free range poultry in our 7 days in Key West than I ever have my entire life living in Kansas.


I’m linking the styles we’re wearing in this post below! Kortni Jeane likes to keep their styles the same, but mix it up with new color schemes and patterns every month, and I really dig that strategy because I’m the type who buys multiples of one clothing item in multiple colors anyways. Little secret: I just ordered a new top style I’ve never tried before from them from their latest line! Excited to share how I like it! (It’s the tie-up top linked here.)

My top: Swing top (comes with a built-in lined bra in the same fabric!)
My bottoms: Tie-up front bottoms (favorite ever in all the history of swimsuit bottoms)
B’s top: Mini peplum top (gave B just enough flare on top, but never got in the way of her swimming)
B’s bottoms: Mini peplum bottoms (double peplum = double the fun)

Key West Family Vaca

Key West Family Vaca

Our Little Lake Trip

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