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Cooking with Tales of Tofu

Cooking with Tales of Tofu


I’ll be honest, I knew next to nothing about cooking with tofu before we got this adorable little book of recipes framed as a children’s book from House Foods! I’d cooked with tofu in the past, but only used it as a meat substitute in Asian dishes, and had no idea you could use it like a cheese sauce, base for smoothies, and in desserts!


The Tales of Tofu is about the main character Tofu finding his place and discovering he can be anything he wants to be. I loved the message and how it incorporates health and wellness into a sweet kid-friendly message. The first recipe I wanted to try from the book was the Broccoli Mac & Cheese. B loves broccoli, and any version of mac & cheese sounded like the perfect lunchtime meal.


B loves to help me use the blender in the kitchen - we’re making the “cheese sauce” for the Broccoli Mac & Cheese. All I had to do was chop some onions and garlic, measure a few ingredients, cook pasta, and blend that sauce right up.


I used frozen broccoli florets to make things a little easier for prep. The result was very mac & cheese-y, reheated nicely for leftovers, and tasted great! The recipe in this cute little story was easy to follow, and even told me which level of firmness to use (something this tofu rookie has zero clue about!)


Next we made some dessert with tofu! I was intrigued by the chocolate pudding recipe - it looked super simple. I melted some chocolate chips, blended everything up, and we topped it all off with some sweetened cream of coconut and sprinkles.


This would fool even the pickiest of eaters! B kept calling it “ice cream.” The consistency was thick like pudding, and the flavor was amazing. It’s a great sweet-tooth fix with tons of plant-based protein tucked inside.


You could top these bad boys with sprinkles, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruit, etc. I want to make them again and do a sundae bar so everyone can pick their toppings. I think they’d be especially good with raspberries and a drizzle of caramel sauce!


These made such a great after-nap snack! I’m excited to try the rest of the recipes from House Foods using their organic tofu, and the Tales of Tofu book has some great family-friendly ones to start with! You can check out the book here: https://www.house-foods.com/eat-happy/the-tales-of-tofu and find where to buy House Foods tofu near you here: https://www.house-foods.com/stores

This post was sponsored by House Foods. All opinions are my own!

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