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Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Ahhhh I have a secret, guys. I’ve been quietly obsessed with essential oils for awhile, and just haven’t really gotten into it on the blog because A. There’s a lot happening over here, and B. It’s so ingrained into our lives that I forget to share! I also don’t know a ton about them, but that’s changed recently thanks to a sweet friend who’s been teaching me more and more about all oils can do.


When I was pregnant with B, I remember looking at all the labels on our cleaning supplies and thinking “How the heck am I going to clean our house now?” Everything freaked me out - so many warning labels and toxic products, and it took me getting pregnant to realize just how toxic a lot of everyday household items are. I’ve been a longtime lover of Thieves, which I’ll share below, but there’s so much more you can do with just the starter kit from Young Living - it’s absolutely mind-blowing!


I know smelly-good things are at the top of my list, but the fact that oils support my body, immune system, focus, emotions and so much more makes me feel even better about using them on a daily basis. It brings out the mama bear in me in the best way - anything I can do to help make my family healthier and happier brings me so much joy. Okay okay I’m done rambling. Scroll down for some super easy DIY’s!


Carpet Refresh // 10-20 drops of lavender + 2 cups baking soda
I use this primarily on our basement carpet, and it’s amazing! You just sprinkle it on your carpet, and vacuum up after 15 min or so. It smells so much better, and it’s a great way to deep clean your carpet.

Room Spray // 10 drops of lavender + 10 drops of peppermint + 2 tbsp witch hazel + water
I have one of these in our guest bedroom for visitors, and it makes for a nice pillow spray refresher too! I personally love a good fragrance, but this is an all-natural super safe version that makes me feel better about using around our family.


Dryer Sheet Replacement // Wool ball + 2-3 drops of lavender
Okayyyy I had no idea how toxic dryer sheets were until recently, and I was super glad I had been using these wool balls my mom gifted me at Christmas. I just add a few drops of lavender (or an oil of your choice) to one wool ball, throw it in the dryer, and it does the exact same job as a dryer sheet minus all the toxins! Plus how cute are these little wool balls??


If you’ve heard of oils, you’ve heard of diffusers! The YL starter kit comes with a diffuser (SCORE!) And it completely replaces any need for candles while supporting you and your family’s systems. Below are some of my favorite spring blends for diffusing:

2 drops of lemon + 2 drops of lavender + 2 drops of peppermint
3 drops of citrus fresh + 2 drops of peppermint


All-Purpose Cleaner
Thieves is admittedly my first love in the Young Living world thanks to its immune system support and cleaning powers. Thieves Household Cleaner is a concentrate, so all you need to use is 1-2 capfuls of the cleaner mixed with water in a large spray bottle. You can use it to clean your countertops, floors, toilets, mirrors, tubs, - essentially anything and everything in your home. It’s totally safe to use around your babies, kids, animals, and elderly family members, without toxins and harsh chemicals that could be damaging to the body.


Feel like this is right up your alley? You can sign up for your starter kit here: https://yl.pe/br4h. Signing up as a Member does not mean you are signing up to sell oils - it’s simply signing you up for 24% off retail prices with Young Living! There are zero hidden fees (TRUST me, I don’t like those) and you’ll get over $400 worth of product for only $165 including that awesome 24% discount. (Psst - If you ever do decide to sell them, you don’t have to do anything else either. Being a member automatically gives you that option!)

Be sure to select your premium starter kit + add on any additional items (Cedarwood, Gentle Baby, Thieves hand soap, and Thieves all-purpose cleaner are a few of my personal favorites.) Once you're signed up you'll be plugged into FaceBook groups with tons of resources on how to use your oils, and be guided through learning to integrate oils in your daily life. Trust me, you’ll be glad you’re getting the education! It’s incredible all you can do with oils.

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