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B's Easter Basket

B's Easter Basket


This year for B’s Easter Basket, I wanted to gift her some creative toys that would get us through rainy days ahead this spring. I passed on any extra candy for this basket (the Big Bunny will put some goodies in the eggs he hides anyways) and opted for imagination-inspiring goodies instead!


I feel like no basket is complete without some kind of bunny or springtime animal in it, and B loves her “babies” so much I had to get her another BlaBlaKids doll! She got the Hazel the Deer doll in last year’s basket, and it’s one of her favorites still. I love that Honey the Bunny looks like she’s sleeping - I think B will love that sweet little detail.

How crazy cute are these scoops by Wunderkids Co.?! I know it won’t look this fancy after B’s had her hands on it, but they’re showstoppers when you open them. Plus they’re made with all natural coloring, won’t stain, and are completely non-toxic.

I grabbed this set of clay rollers for B’s dough off Amazon for $10. They’re coated to protect any dough or clay from sticking to them, and I like the hardy wood they’re made out of. They look super cute all propped up in her basket! Pro tip: Throw away the existing packaging, and it will make your treats look a little more magical, like the E. Bunny really did bring them.


I wanted B to have a few other natural toys to go along with her new dough, so I painted a few wood craft pegs I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I sealed them with wax so they’ll be ready to play with by Easter. I painted a few extra dolls that came with the set, and am setting them aside for secret surprises. I think she’ll love seeing her three favorite Disney Princesses on Easter morning. Etsy is an awesome resource if you’re not up for painting your own little peg people - linking a super cute shop here.

We have a few friends that love these silicone play mats for everything from kinetic sand to playdough to crafts. We’re personally not quite ready for the illusive kinetic sand life (certain toddlers still like to sample the sand) so I went with a micro mat from Gathre that can work as a placemat, changing mat (hello future babies) and tabletop play mat. I love the quality, and that it invites imaginative play with the little road and city design.


“The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross” came highly recommended to us by friends who also had it! It’s so well written, and explains a lot of big concepts to young minds. I wanted a book this year that would reiterate why we celebrate Easter, and this one fit the bill perfectly with its gorgeous illustrations and great storytelling. It’ll be perfect to put out year after year on her bookshelf.

Love of Character is my go-to for every holiday, so I popped in there to grab some goodies. I left with these adorable paper surprise carrots and a unicorn lip gloss. The carrots come four to a box, so I’m splitting them between B’s basket and some smaller gift baskets we’re giving away. P.S. If you’re local, you can shop online and choose local pickup when you checkout!

These little jellies are from Old Navy, and they’ll be great all summer! We had a similar pair last year, and B lived in them. They remind me of play shoes, and I think B will love having them in her basket. They’re totally “Princess-worthy.”

Finally, the basket is new this year because I have somehow misplaced the one we used two years in a row. I guarantee it’s floating around somewhere in storage, but it’ll turn up #movingproblems. I loved this one for $10 from Hearth and Hand at Target, and we can reuse it for storage in her closet later.

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