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A Simple New Year’s Day Brunch

A Simple New Year’s Day Brunch

I absolutely love having people over, and one of my 2019 resolutions is to open our home up more often to hosting just for the heck of it. You don’t have to have a fancy spread to make it happen, either. I used my stand-by quiche recipe, some grocery store doughnuts, eucalyptus and roses from the floral department (pretty but definitely optional), and a pot of coffee to bring some friends together on New Year’s Day.


All I did was stack some doughnuts on a cake pedestal, and I tucked in roses and greens in the gaps between doughnuts. It was super easy, and took all of five minutes!


Quiche is without a doubt my favorite to make for company because it’s simple, budget-friendly, and always a crowd pleaser. We had broccoli + cheddar and sausage + cheddar variations on my favorite quiche recipe here. I made them the night before, and just warmed them up in the oven before company came.


Anytime I’m at the store and I see a good deal on a white cake pedestal, I grab it. Sometimes Target has little ceramic white ones in their Dollar Spot, and they’re great for layering on larger cake plates. I think a few well-placed pedestals work wonders for making a simple tablescape or buffet look a little fancier, and they don’t have to be super high quality to have that effect.


Our kitchen island is so fun to gather around. I’m already loving all the memories we’ve made this holiday season with friends and family hanging out on barstools in the kitchen.


Coffee was still brewing when I took this picture! I put out our Starbucks collection of “You Are Here” mugs for everyone to use with their homemade lattes, but mismatched mugs are just as home-y and fun.


I put out my own dishes this time since it was a smaller gathering. Jordan and I picked these out for our wedding registry, and had to hunt down quite a few of them at different Anthropologie’s in other states when they went out of stock! But they’re back actually, and I linked them in my Shop the Post below. I love the imperfect look they have - they’re all handmade in Italy which is, of course, the coolest.

Below are some other pieces from the post, including our barstools that I’m obsessed with for family life, dining room furniture/decor, and some pretty pie and cake plates!

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