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Modern Fall Decor DIY for Under $20

Modern Fall Decor DIY for Under $20


Welcome to my super minimal Fall decor - currently saving all my pennies for Christmas decor because I truly go all out (however B’s room is getting decked out for Halloween, so stay tuned for that post.) I’ve been pinning all the things trying to figure out how to work in some minimal Fall decor without redecorating the entire house. I kept finding white pumpkins being used as planters for succulents, but couldn’t find anything I liked in my price range that was faux. Target saved the day with their carvable faux pumpkins (linked below in the most basic instructions ever). As pretty as real pumpkins and real succulents are, I kill everything, and real carved pumpkins won’t survive til Oct 31 if you decorate this early. Scroll down for the easiest DIY evaaaa.


You’ll Need:

1 carvable pumpkin - linked here

1 serated knife

3 succulent stems - links below



  1. Carve off the top of your pumpkin just like you would when carving a real Jack-O-Lantern. Discard the stem.

  2. Gather your assortment of succulent stems, using a variety of styles and colors to make it look realistic.

  3. Arrange stems in the pumpkin - no need to hot glue these down unless you really want to. I usually reuse the stems throughout the seasons, and have had zero issues with them staying put.


A few places I love for succulent stems are: Hobby Lobby, Target, and World Market. Linked a few of my favorites (2 of them are ones I used here) below! The carvable pumpkin I used was $8, and the succulent stems added up to $4 a piece, so altogether this was a $20 project (minus tax of course).

A Morning at Botanica Gardens

A Morning at Botanica Gardens

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