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Farmer's Market + Weekend Things

Farmer's Market + Weekend Things


It was a fun weekend for us as a fam, and I was really excited to spend it together since last weekend Jordan was traveling for work. We buzzed down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, and scored some goodies. There's nothing quite like local tomatoes in the summer, am I right??


Here's my haul! We got a loaf of Country Sourdough bread, a basket of tomatoes, and local honey. B and I ate three (after intending only to eat one!) of these tomatoes for lunch with a little kosher salt, and they were incredible. 


B's expressions crack me up - this is a clear "Where the snacks at?" face. Our pool days are getting more limited now that it's August. It's crazy how fast summer's gone by, We took B to the pool after her nap on Saturday evening, and it was almost too chilly to swim with the cool breeze (ahem 30 MPH winds). Who would've thought 88 degrees could feel chilly??


Someone insisted they bring "Gee" (blankie) into the grocery store - also not pictured but in the cart is Elmo :)

After church, B and I ran a grocery errand while Jordan did some organizing at the house. We typically save the big grocery runs at ALDI for Monday or Tuesday since their selection is usually much better those days. I only needed some deli meat and random produce for lunch though so we made a little trip over to Dillon's for B to ride in a car cart. We were getting ready to park, and I noticed there were zero car carts available, so we aborted the mission and buzzed over to Whole Foods instead. Luckily for us, their ONE car cart was available. These days, B does 1000x better at the grocery store with either snacks, a car cart, or both for maximum success. And it was the weekend after all, so we treated ourselves to some free samples, car cart ridin' and big livin' at Whole Foods. 


Jordan hung my paintings in the front room! We're avoiding investing in curtains in here for awhile since it'll be a custom job most likely. In the meantime, these paintings brighten the room up and make it feel more finished. Also shoutout to BAE for hanging these straight and even on the wall. He's handy - I'll keep him around.


Nothing like a little ice in the wading pool for some free entertainment! It's still very warm and summery here, but I'm starting to sense the change in the air already. Maybe it's the slight shift in weather, but I can feel the change in seasons on the horizon, and it's brightening my mood in the best ways. We've loved this summer more than most, and I'll be sad to see it go. But Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I'm secretly hoping the cool weather comes in sooner than later.

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