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Local Feature: Reverie Roasters + Founders Bakery

Local Feature: Reverie Roasters + Founders Bakery


B's face is saying: "How in the heck have we not featured Reverie yet?" Great point there, B Bear! I've loved Reverie Roasters for the longest time, and they recently moved into a new location with an addition of a bakery. I've been dying to visit, so we popped in for some coffee and cookies (plus brought some bread home - YUM.)


The bakery and coffee sides connect seamlessly. It reminded me a lot of another cafe we visited in San Francisco - so effortlessly cool and modern while also embracing historical details (like the ceiling!). Give me all the carbs and caffeine in a pretty building, and I'll be a happy lady.


The staff could not have been nicer. It's such a great vibe in there, and I love that there's tons of spots to meet a friend, work, or do a little of both. I would also like to point out that this is the kind of place that will serve you a real Caramel Macchiato, and you'll never be the same again. (Word to the wise: Not for the faint of heart. It comes in a very cute Instagrammable espresso shot too.)


I always get the Rosemary Salted Caramel Latte because it is a little herb-y, salty, and sweet, and I crave like you wouldn't believe. They're killing me right now with their new cafe open at the Downtown Library, and it's making my love for this latte harder to resist. I also got a loaf of their Sourdough Beet Surprise (sounds quirkier than it tasted!) to take home. It was amazing with a sandwich of Italian deli meat + tomatoes + greens. I need to go back and try their other breads! And finally, word to the wise, their cold brew is unmatched - big fan.


B inhaled her from-scratch snickerdoodle cookie. She's a fan, no doubt. They had so many fun desserts to choose from, including Creme Brulee. I love that they have real food here now too, aside from just standard cafe items and coffee.


I spy with my little eye... wine glasses and beer taps! They now have a grown-up drink menu and weekday Happy Hours to boot. 


It's so great when local businesses expand and grow, and this is a prime example here in Wichita! If you live here, and you haven't stopped by (or checked out their new bakery) you've got to make it a priority! 

Check out their website + social below for more info!
Official Website
Facebook + Instagram

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