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Local Feature: River City Brewery

Local Feature: River City Brewery


Picture by myself whaaaat? So weird to do one of these without B, but mom and dad needed a date night! This local feature is so exciting for me because it's featuring a place that's near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it's where Jordan and I had our wedding reception for everyone back in Wichita after we got married in Sonoma! It was the perfect place for the number of people we wanted to invite, and it had such a fun location (Old Town - what what!) with great food. We were totally spoiled with this reception. Also, they've also currently got a beer on tap that my husband helped create! It's a collaboration beer between the local Wichita Ashley Homestores and RCB (more on the beer later in the post) and Jordan helped make the first batch of it, which was an awesome experience for him - linking some of the photos from that here


My husband and I are huge fans of craft beer, and RCB absolutely kills it with their flagship and seasonal beers. They're always creating surprising, delicious beers, and it seems like every time we go in there's one I'm dying to try. For example, we had a date night on Cinco de Mayo at RCB, and they were serving frozen margarita beer as well as a tequila beer. I still dream about that frozen strawberry margarita craft beer. KILLER good + even better with some RCB tacos.


The collaboration beer with the local Ashley Homestores is called It's Wit Fam, and it's got some serious Orange Creamsicle vibes. It's an awesome beer for summer, and it's been really popular locally. If you like wheat beer and or beer with a fruity vibe, this is one to try! It's become my absolute favorite this summer, and if you're local to Wichita, there's a number of restaurants that also have it on tap including Dempsey's and Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria.


Other beers you HAVE to try? I was a huge fan of "Ope" and Jordan really liked "Reptilian Agenda." Also, if you're a fan of sour beers, RCB always kills it with their sours. I'm not a big dark beer fan, but my husband is. Jordan has yet to meet a darker beer he doesn't love here. Note: A lot of these are seasonal, so if any stand out to you here, make sure to get in and try them before they're gone!


For nice nights there's a fantastic upstairs patio that overlooks Old Town. I've always loved Old Town, and RCB is in the center of it all. 


We ordered burgers, but it's always hard to choose here. I honestly LOVE their mac and cheese, and they have so many options (Buffalo Mac's the best). This time I tried the Turkey Burger, and it came on a brioche bun with brie, cranberry apple aioli, grilled apples, argula, and local honey. It was absolutely as good as it sounds. Brie on a burger is too hard to resist.


This is SUCH a fun place for a low-key date night, especially if you and your sig. other are into craft beer. We love the location, the vibes, the food, and the beer. And if you haven't been in yet to try the Ashley Homestore It's Wit Fam, you need to hurry in! It "pairs well" with everything on the menu ;) 

River City Brewery is located at 150 N Mosley Wichita, KS. 67202. Their hours are: 

Sun: 11:30am – 10pm
Mon. & Tues: 11am – 10pm
Wed. & Thurs: 11am – midnight
Fri. & Sat: 11am – 2am 

Check out their website for their menu and more info here!

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