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Local Feature: Little Lion Cafe

Local Feature: Little Lion Cafe


"No more pictures - ice cream is waiting!" But for real, we promised her ice cream and Little Lion Cafe totally delivered! If you're from Wichita, you probably know Little Lion Ice Cream since they've been serving their amazing ice cream locally for awhile now. They recently just moved into a really cute space, and I've been dying to bring the fam over to see it!


Give me all the cute details. There's little lion figurines scattered throughout the cafe, and I loved the cute vintage flash cards they used for table orders.


I got a half waffle sundae - strawberry ice cream over a fresh waffle topped with blueberry compote and lemon curd. And it was so dang good. B "helped" me finish it. Their ice cream was so creamy, not overly sweet, and had a really great depth of flavor. I also tried their Elderslie Farm ice cream (yes! THAT Elderslie Farm!) and oh mannn it was great. This place could be dangerous.


Jordan ordered the sausage breakfast burrito, and I got to try a bite :). 10/10 from both of us! It was SO good. Even the salsa that came with it was yumm. They also had a veggie breakfast burrito, and if I had been hungrier I totally would've gotten it. Next time, next time...


I've probably driven by this building a million times in my life, so it was fun to see it brought to life with all the modern touches without losing some of the old finishes. It has a really unique vibe that works really well.


We came in the evening, so no coffee for us! BUT Jordan ordered a flight of ice cream scoops, and their coffee ice cream was unreal delicious. If that's any indication of their coffee drinks, count me in for another visit JUST for coffee.


This was a great idea - An Honor Bar for coffee. Serve yourself + check out with their touchpad register. 


If you're wondering why the photos of B and I are in front of what looks like a shipping container, you probably haven't heard of Revolutsia! Little Lion Cafe is the first business to be at Revolutsia, Wichita's first shipping container mall. The cafe is the only business in a free standing building, nestled in the middle of the containers. As of now, everything else is still under construction, but so far it looks like it's going to be really, really cool and unique. You can read more about it in the Wichita Eagle's article here

Little Lion Cafe at Revolutsia is open Mon, Wed, Thurs from 8am-9pm, Fri, Sat from 8am-10pm, and Sun 9am-9pm. (Closed Tuesday's)

You can follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here. Their official website is here, and has more information about where you can find their ice cream locally!



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