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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


It was such a treat to get away with my guy, especially to a beautiful spot like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We went to an all-inclusive resort (Secrets Royal Beach), which meant we ate way too much, drank all the fruity pool drinks, and did a whole lot of nothing (a.k.a. exactly what we needed.) 


This was my view of the pool, book in hand and a fruity drink at my side. (Can you spot the daily morning water aerobics class?) Jordan played water polo one afternoon, and I kept on reading - the introvert's dream right there.


I snuck this photo before our first evening dinner, and it was totally unposed - just my super cute hubs being handsome and swaggy. Also, fun fact about my husband: He played Division 1 Baseball at Virginia Commonwealth University, and had a far different college experience than I did (cough cough art student). Essentially, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for him because he can speak a little Spanish and loves to talk baseball (and really most sports, to be fair). 

So we loved this restaurant in particular because of the wine selection, of course. We had two dinners here with the same waiter (by request) each time, and he absolutely killed it. One suggestion I have for visiting an all-inclusive is to find your favorite waiters or bartenders and stick with them. Tips are always appreciated, and you get really fantastic service if you stay with the same people when you can.


When we first got there, I was like I'm totally going to beach nap on one of those beds. Realistically, grabbing a pair of chairs under an umbrella was a much better plan to avoid full-on lobster skin. 


I rocked ALL the floral, flow-y things on this trip. And when I wasn't doing that, I was in my Kortni Jeane suit because we spent a lot of time in the water. It was so hot down there that we didn't really change out of our swimsuits until 6PM when it was time to go eat!


I know it's so silly, but I felt like I was 21 again ordering all the different kinds of drinks. Our favorite (not pictured here) was the Iceberg - a 3/4 full pint of Presidente beer finished with frozen margarita. My other favorite drink was this massive coconut that was full of some kind of frozen coconut-flavored cocktail. Also, drinking equal amounts of water is always a great idea on these types of vacations ;)


Another fun outfit from the trip. I brought a backpack for the flight, and just used it as a bag on the beach too. I also splurged on a pair of prescription Warby Parker sunglasses before we left, and it was the best idea because I don't wear contacts (and even if you do wear contacts - this takes the nuisance away for a beach trip). Totally recommend them for summer. They're polarized and super comfortable.


I managed to only squeeze in one food photo! We ate so much fruit, and ordered way too much room service. We also discovered the most epic buffet on our last day there, and it was easily top 3 of buffets I've ever experienced. Being able to order anything at anytime totally spoiled us - we pigged out on the last night and loved it.


Jordan golfed the first full day we were there, and took some incredible photos of the course. He said the waves were literally crashing onto the shore of the course. It's rated as the #2 golf course in the Caribbean, and he had an absolute blast. 

Every outfit you see on me was from Apricot Lane in Wichita (online shop here), but I've linked similar ones below, including my super comfy sandals (made out of yoga mats!).

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