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Local Feature: Elderslie Farm

Local Feature: Elderslie Farm


I'm SO excited to share this Local Feature with you all - almost as excited as I was to visit this adorable farm for the first time! We've been hearing how amazing this place was for awhile, and finally made the (short) trek out to Elderslie Farm to try all the blackberry things. 


The first thing we saw was the pen of goats, and B loved that! There were other kids feeding them leaves off the ground, so B got in on that action. 


Elderslie Farm has tons of blackberry items on their menu, but they also make their own cheese there (remember the friendly goats?). I’m kicking myself for not trying anything made from their local goat milk, but that’s just another reason to come back ASAP (I really want to try their gelato next time!) We had the Linzer Tart and Blackberry Lavendar Muffin with Blackberry Lemonade and iced tea for my mom. All of it was crazy good!


We came on a Thursday when they were serving their breakfast menu, but they also do a lunch menu Fri - Sat (closed Sunday) and a farm to table dinner Thurs - Sat (more info on those linked here. I’m dying to go to one of their dinners, hint hint, husband!!)


This is definitely one of the most family-friendly places I’ve posted about! It’s the opposite of chaotic (which, to be honest, is exactly what I picture when I hear “It’s family friendly!”) It’s gorgeous, pure Kansas farm vibes, with plenty of space to roam. They had also just wrapped up their weekly storytime (Thursday's at 9:30!) when we got there, so we’ll be coming back for that another time too! I 


Berry picking season starts July 2, and you can find out more about that here.

Elderslie Farm's Bramble Cafe is open through July 28, Mon - Thurs 7AM - 11AM and Fri - Sat 7AM - 1:30PM. They are a seasonal business, so visit ASAP this summer! You won’t regret it. 

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