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What's in My Pool Bag?

What's in My Pool Bag?


Hello from Summerland! We've been living at the pool this summer, and love that our local YMCA has Toddler Time in the mornings from 10:30AM - 12PM. It's been really great for B, and she naps like a dream every time we go! I've become a master packer of the pool bag, and have a few favorite products to share with you that we've been loving.


For B:

  1. Baby Bum sunscreen: There's nothing worse than greasy sunscreen! We like this brand for quick application, and B's skin has stayed well-protected every time.
  2. Native shoes: A friend of mine (who's mastered the 2 under 2 life) told me about these, and they're the BEST summer shoes. They don't stink, they're washable, and they slip on easily. They come in a million different colors, too! B wears them at the pool and in the backyard to keep her feet from getting burned. They're also great for the lake!
  3. Snack holder: This is perfect for little toddler hands. B inhales her snacks, and this slows her down a little. It's also really cute, and easy to find in a big bag.
  4. Puddle jumper: Not pictured here, but these are also life-savers (literally). B's 10x more confident in the water with these on.

For Me:

  1. Birkenstock sandals: I actually just ordered these because all of my summer shoes are not toddler-mom friendly (Read: Take more than half a second to put on.) I've seen raving reviews on these, so I pulled the plug! My hope is that they'll last me a few summers.
  2. Turkish towel/cover-up: This is the world's easiest cover-up! I don't rock it at the grocery store, but it works in a pinch at the pool. I can wear it tied around my waist, and it also works as a super-absorbent towel. It's the MVP of my pool bag - I get sad if it's in the wash. (P.S. The one I have on in the photo above was hand-dyed by me with an indigo shibori kit, but the striped towels are linked on Amazon here!)
  3. Yeti tumbler: I use these every day in the summer for my iced coffee, and they're amazing because the ice STAYS frozen for hours and hours. I'll bring it to the pool filled with ice water, and share with B.
  4. Warby Parker sunglasses: I have already sung their praises in my Punta Cana post, but I'll sing it again. Literally could not live without these. They're a dream! 
  5. Baseball hat: Let's be real - A baseball hat covers a multitude of hair sins. I almost never put on makeup or do my hair for the pool because it's ruined in minutes. This makes me look almost put-together, and I love that it keeps the sun off my face.

Our matching Kortni Jeane suits are the #1 thing we get comments on at the pool! Our suits are from a previous collection, but you can shop their latest patterns here. Also BOY MOMS, listen up! They also have boy suits so you can twin with your little men. How great is that?? 

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