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All About Mali

All About Mali


It's about time our first child had her own post! Mali (sounds like "Molly") is our fur baby, and fancies her role in the family as the Nana dog of the Darling children in Peter Pan. In reality, she's more like a sibling to B since they get into quite a bit of trouble together ;). 


We got Mali the morning after we came home from our honeymoon! We committed to getting her before we left for the wedding in Sonoma, but didn't get to bring her home until after our trip. We named her after the placed we stayed in Fiji, and changed the spelling a little to help with confusion of pronunciation (although we still get a lot of questions about her name - I'm just laughing now and glad we did this weird name spelling thing to a dog and not a human!)


The number one question we get is "What kind of dog is she?" Mali is a Goldendoodle! She's a second generation Goldendoodle, actually. She sheds like crazy, has the nose and legs of a Poodle, and the goofy, sweet personality of a Golden Retriever. She's insanely smart, and was essentially potty trained when we brought her home (thanks to her breeders who had her a week and a half longer than normal thanks to our honeymoon!) 


A few other funny facts about Mali:

  • She's a big, big dog. Not only is she tall, thanks to her Poodle legs, but she's also 70 lbs.
  • Mali is our living vacuum cleaner. I rely on her way too often to help clear the floor after mealtimes - also the reason for those new 5 lbs at the last vet visit.
  • Mali will bark at anyone who walks by the house, so we've gotten in the habit of putting her "to bed" before nap to avoid any barking episodes while I'm putting B down. B loves to tuck Mali in to her bed in our room every afternoon, kisses and all.

Below are some of our favorite Mali things, including a fancy bandana! Also, totally recommend the Chuckit! launcher for avoiding slobber hands when playing fetch with your own pup.

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