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Local Feature: Clifton Collective

Local Feature: Clifton Collective


Welcome to the first post of a series I'm launching this Spring: Local Feature! I grew up in Wichita, and it's such a fantastic place to raise a family. We have some amazing shops, restaurants, and little nooks here that make this city so special, and I'm excited to feature some of my favorites in the next few months! Without further ado, the first of the series is Clifton Collective, brand new to the Wichita scene.


So a few years back, a mutual friend connected me with the owner of this shop, who at the time was starting a lash and skin boutique (the first of its kind in Wichita) for some freelance branding work. We hit it off, and I designed one of my favorite logos to date for her. I've been doing work on and off for her since then, and when she reached out about this new shop I couldn't say no to working with her again. She has impeccable taste and great vision, and this new shop is another example of her talent.


We picked up some Mother's Day treats while we were here. The exciting thing is that it's more than a shop with Wichita branded goodies. There are pieces from artisans all over the Midwest, including some locally-minded t-shirts I haven't seen in town yet. And I'm literally kicking myself right now for not buying that Live Local shirt pictured above...


The space itself is located in Clifton Square, in the heart of College Hill. The building is an old house, complete with these gorgeous floors and stained glass windows. 


I had all of two seconds to look at the clothes, but everything was so soft and beautiful in person. It's the best place to pick up a treat for yourself and a loved one all in the same trip! There's a space in the back to try on clothes, and a few cute seating options if your man friend comes along.


Clifton Collective is located at 3700 E Douglas Suite 40 in Wichita, Kansas. Their hours are Mon - Fri 11am-8pm and Saturday's 10am-6pm.

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