Becoming a "Tea Person" with Total Tea

a tumbler of iced tea is my latest staple for summer mornings

a tumbler of iced tea is my latest staple for summer mornings

Well, okay. Confession time: I love, love coffee, but have always secretly wanted to be more of a tea person. Since the weather's been heating up (practically overnight!) I've been craving more iced tea than normal, and have been finding different teas that help boost energy throughout my day. Total Tea sent me a box of their Pure Line of organic teas to try, and I have to share a few of my favorites and the ways I've been enjoying them!


Organic Black Tea

This one has become my morning tea, since it's delicious hot or cold. Typically, I brew a cup, drink half of it, chase a toddler around, and pour the rest on ice (and if we're being honest, brew a little more for another boost!) Black tea is naturally caffeinated, and since Total Tea's Pure Line is organic, it's even better for me because it contains more beneficial nutrients, like antioxidants.


Organic Green Tea

I had a professor in college who drank a LOT of green tea, and he was probably one of the healthiest people I've known. He would be so proud of my new love for green tea! According to Web MD, "Studies on green tea’s impact on cancer have been mixed. But green tea is known to aid healthy cells in all stages of growth. There are some clues that green tea may help destroy cancer cells, but that research is still in its early stages." The way I look at it? It's much better for me than many other things I drink throughout the day. I've been making a cup after B goes down for her nap, while I tackle my graphic design work. It's also great if you add a little lemon in, which I do whenever we have it on hand, not only because of the taste but because Vitamin C helps you absorb all those nutrients!


Pure Boost Tea

Mmkay, I saved the best for last. This one is by far my favorite, and not just because of all the caffeine. The flavor is a bit fruity, and it reminds me of a certain pink iced tea drink from a well-known chain (that shall remain nameless). It's absolutely amazing on ice, and I'll admit to brewing it a little stronger for those busy summer mornings we've been having lately. I usually brew a concentrated amount, and add it to my giant tumbler on ice so I have it on the go. I'm grabbing lemonade at the store this week to mix with the iced tea version of this for something a little different! I love how it's naturally caffeinated - so I can get my fix of something iced and fruity for summer, without feeling like I'm filling my body with artificial junk.

Total Tea has some fantastic teas in their Pure Line, as well as a Gentle Detox Tea that's great for kickstarting a healthier diet and exercise routine! I used it the week before my brother got married, and it was great for energy and all-around feeling better in my skin. If you're looking for some new teas to incorporate into your routine, look no further!

This post was sponsored by Total Tea. All opinions are my own.