Backyard Hangs with Kortni Jeane


In typical Kansas fashion, our weather has been all over the place this spring. We've lucked out recently with temps in the 80's, which is amazing except for the fact that none of the pools around here open until Memorial Day weekend. So we've been taking advantage with our little wading pool, and B has just been loving all the time outside. Obviously, I'm also super stoked we'll be twinning this summer in our Kortni Jeane swimmers!

I would be lying if I said I ever enjoyed swimsuit shopping. It was always a struggle finding something that was modest (let's just be frank here - I've never been a flat-chested gal) without losing out on style. I'm not against skin in a swimsuit, by any means, but the older I've gotten, the more I appreciate a suit that makes me feel comfortable and classy in front of anyone. You feel me?

And while we're at it, let's talk about the other side of this... trying on swimsuits in a poorly-lit dressing room when you're coming off those harsh, freezing winter months is like a special kind of torture. It puts every insecurity you have on blast (with 360 mirrors - thanks!) while you try to figure out how the heck to tie/strap/fight your way into a suit. It's gloriously horrible, and so many of us struggle through it regardless of our age and number on the scale.

I won't lie, I think about this stuff a lot in relation to B - how it applies to my parenting and the ways B will tackle these things for herself someday. As a mom to a daughter, I'm already praying that I put the right messages out there for B (like simply teaching/reminding her how to eat healthy without making it about how she looks.) It's tricky because I'm still making sense of it myself; learning how to set a good example while I'm already a living, imperfect example. It's important though to remember that my goal here isn't to raise the prettiest, fittest, smartest, most well-rounded girl on the block. The goal is to raise a woman who knows that her worth lies in Jesus, beyond her physical appearance, health status, and any other gifts she has (I'm banking on Harvard because she knows the color "yellow" soooo...) 

Let's be real though. Knowing your worth lies in Jesus can be hard to remember when your clothes aren't doing you any favors in a dimly-lit dressing room. One of the things my mom taught me early on was that it's a great idea to invest in pieces that make you look and feel your best, especially when it's something like a swimsuit. We're not asked to be examples wearing ugly paper bags over our bodies, after all. It's important to find that balance between comfortable (for me, that means coverage!) and stylish. I love how Kortni Jeane combines those two things perfectly for each of their designs, plus the fit and quality is ridiculously good. I'm basically a customer for life at this point, and the fact that B can match me is the cherry on top of my sundae (eaten in a wading pool in May.)


You can shop our suits here at Kortni Jeane! The pool floatie is also available on their site for purchase. 

P.S. Kortni Jeane notes under each top and bottom if it works especially well for certain body types. For examples, the swing top has extra support for larger busts, and the ruched bottoms help tuck you in a little more. They just added tons of new patterns, as well! Happy shopping!

This post was sponsored by Kortni Jeane. All opinions are my own.