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Local Feature: Miri's Minis

Local Feature: Miri's Minis


Wahoo! It's Local Feature #2! We weirdly coordinated perfectly with this location, and I 100% did not plan that. Guys, welcome to Miri's Minis. This is the perfect place to bring some kiddos with your fellow mamas and gal pals, either as a morning treat, afternoon snack, or dessert after grabbing dinner downtown. 


Shoutout to the sweet girl working that day. B snuck into the kitchen three times, and crawled into the poor girl's lap twice. She's really shy - we're working on it. 


Miri's Minis reminds me of another bakery in the 12 South area of Nashville that I visited. It's so sweet, charming, and the donuts are amazing. They're the perfect size, and taste a little like funnel cake! They have SO many flavors. You can build your own or choose from a pre-made signature style. They also have a donut sundae that was so tempting, but it was only 9:30am soooo we went with a Strawberry Mini Moo and glazed minis with sprinkles to share. Other things they have: Reverie coffee + shakes + hand-mixed sodas!


Fully wanted to steal the highchair for its obvious cute factor. The lack of stickiness on said highchair was enough to give this place 5 stars.


Well hey, friends! We met up with Jade and Reese (our Instagram friends turned real-life friends - Jade has a super cute account you should follow here), and have since decided that meeting for mini donuts is happening on a regular basis. 


How cute are B and Reese here?! They remind me of two little old men playing chess. They're playing with a little magnetic tin that my mom picked it up from the Dollar Spot at Target. We keep it in the diaper bag for restaurant entertaining.


Miri's Minis is located at 3543 E. Douglas Ave in Wichita, KS! They're open 8am - 8pm Mon-Sat and closed Sundays. 

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