Father's Day Gift Guide


It's time for another gift guide, and this time I'm sharing some ideas for the hardest person ever to buy for: My husband. In the name of secrecy, since he reads this blog, I'm only sharing previously gifted items that were an absolute smash hit.

Pizza Oven: Okay, I've shared this just a few times ;) but we seriously obsess over this thing (linked here). My parents got this for Jordan's last birthday. It's been used like 1500x since then. Pizza ovens used to intimidate me, but it came highly recommended and we've mastered it. A few tips outlined in my pizza 101 blog post here.

Stance Socks: Jordan is a sock fiend, and wears out his favorite pairs often. These are really great quality socks - he says they always stay up on his ankle, and don't wear out nearly as often! Plus they do some really trendy collaborations with sports teams, and that's always a win. He's gotten both the lifestyle and active styles of socks, and loves them both which is a high compliment (#socksnob).

Lululemon Dress Shirts/Pants: Even more practical than socks - work clothes! Jordan swears by Lululemon's dressier clothes for their comfort and fit. They're in the same price range as other nice dress clothes, but they breathe and flex like athletic clothing. For example: The ABC Pant you'll see linked below stands for "Anti-Ball Crushing" - both hilarious and (I wouldn't know personally) true. Totally recommend checking them out if the dad in your life wants some comfier work outfit options.

Coffee Subscription: Like typical millennials, we love getting packages in the mail on a regular basis. Jordan loves this coffee subscription because it tailors to your tastes, and lets you try new things every month.

Google Home Mini: (Linked here) Jordan and I both love our Google Home Mini! We've hooked it up to a few wifi outlets in our house so all we have to do is say "Hey Google, turn on kitchen lights." or "Hey Google, goodnight!" and it handles it for us. Even if you don't get that fancy, it's still awesome all the things you can do with it (music, information, and audio books to name a few!). Jordan also has one in his office, and uses it non-stop. 

I hope this is helpful! I'm currently working on some ideas for Jordan and my own dad, and can't wait to make them feel special this Father's Day.