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Styling Wide-Brimmed Fedoras 101

Styling Wide-Brimmed Fedoras 101

If you didn't already know, I live in Wichita, Kansas, smack dab in the middle of the US. I grew up here, and it's home for so many reasons. But we're not the fashion capitol of the world by any means, and I often find myself wondering if I could pull off trend XYZ around town without looking too out of place. That being said, I recently took up a hat obsession, and I'm convinced that it's SO easy to add hats that you're eyeing into your existing wardrobe. I don't buy a lot of clothes for myself (#momlife), so my wardrobe's fairly simple. I have a few favorite seasonal pieces that I wear for different occasions throughout the month, and when I'm home it's usually yoga pants 110% of the time.

Here's the beauty of a well-made hat: It covers a multitude of sins. I'm serious! Throw on a simple v-neck with your favorite jeans + a pair of booties, and you look pretty cute. Add a hat in, and you've leveled that outfit up from "Grocery Getting" to "Brunch at the New Place Downtown." Bad hair day? This one's just obvious - it WORKS, people. I love hats for family photos, looking extra fly while traveling, and even as home decor. The right hats add a little extra charm into your life. I've listed below some of my favorite ways to incorporate a wide-brimmed hat into my weekly outfits, because I've found those are especially great for me and my personal style. There's TONS of cute hats out there that range from floppy brims to short brims, and they all have their own personality. Gigi Pip is my go-to for hats. I love their variety, and the quality is unbelievable for the price. I own the Leo in dark gray and the Emma in brown, for reference!

Sunday Brunch


I have actually worn this exact outfit to brunch, and it's in my top 3 favorite outfits of all time. This moto jacket is from Nordstrom - I ordered it during their big anniversary sale. It's a bit of a splurge for me, but it came highly recommended by tons of bloggers so I took a chance. It's probably THE most flattering piece of clothing I own, and it's my go-to for date night and any other kinda-dressy event. I love the moto jacket/wide-brim fedora combo - it's so easy to throw on, but looks effortlessly put-together. (P.S. I love pairing my black hat with black jeans. It can be tricky to style a black hat since they're so bold, but pairing with black jeans helps pull everything together.)

Family Photos


I wore this exact same outfit to take photos for Wichita Moms Blog last year! This dress is still such a classic in my closet, and proof that I really don't buy clothes very often, haha. Really though, a soft brown wide-brim hat is SO cute with a casual dress. Another great pairing is this same hat with a floral maxi dress and brown sandals. Can you imagine how gorgeous the photos would turn out?? This is also a great outfit for church!

Farmers' Market


Spring and Summer are full of fun little outings like the Farmers' Market. I just picked up this shirt from Target's new line Universal Threads. It's a light blouse-y top, and dresses up jeans a little. You can pair a wide-brim hat with tennis shoes like I did here for a retro vibe. If you're more of a casual dresser, outfits like this are perfect because they keep you from looking too dressed up while still very pulled together and stylish.

Casual Coffee Date


This is just a basic tee (in pink velvet for a pop of texture + color) with black jeans and fun shoes. The hat just completes the look for me on this one! Also, same booties as before because they are literally my favorites for 90% of my outfits. I'm not a shoe person - I like the few shoes I own, and have a hard time committing to new shoes. Hats, however... ;) 

Travel Outfit


I totally rocked this outfit when we went to Sonoma. And HECK yes, those are yoga pants + yoga sandals. It was the perfect comfy/cute outfit for road tripping from Mountainview through San Francisco up to Sonoma, and I wore it right from the car to the wineries! You could easily wear your hair in a low messy bun or braid with this outfit and not look like a mess. A simple tee (knotted) with leggings and sandals is great on its own with a hat too! I always throw on my favorite vest just for kicks, but it's not a must-have to pull this off. 

I highly recommend checking out Gigi Pip's hats if you're looking for something along the lines of this post. They've got a wide variety of styles (including some really cute ball caps too!) to choose from, and their fit and quality are ridiculously good. Plus, you can use my code STOREYSHIPFREE for free shipping at checkout!

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