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B's Room Rehaul with B Darling

B's Room Rehaul with B Darling


I'm so excited to share this reveal of B's room rehaul! When we moved into our new house last year, her room took a bit of a bit of a backseat to other projects. I missed how special her room was in the old house - Jordan had painted big gray and white stripes on one wall, and it just felt so "B" to me. I wanted to recreate that same feel, but with some modern touches to match the rest of our home's vibes.


The biggest thing I wanted to do was make another statement wall, and B Darling was the answer. They have tons and tons of removable wallpaper and decals to choose from, and we loved the fact that it was easy to install. After creating three (yes three) Photoshop mockups of different wallpaper styles with her existing furniture and color scheme, we settled on this geometric pattern. I was a little nervous we would have to repaint the walls to match the wallpaper, but this specific pattern is off-white and subtly took on the tones of the gray paint underneath it. So it matched perfectly in the end! It took us about two hours to install, and that was with B running around while we installed it. It was a million times easier than regular wallpaper, and if there were any bubbles or mismatched lines, it was really simple to pull up and smooth out. You can shop their removable wallpaper options here.


This little area is different from her original nursery, as well! We got the dollhouse shelf from IKEA, and the Cactus pillow is from Bla Bla Kids. (More products linked at the bottom!) I love that she has her favorite books within reach, and it can be used as an actual dollhouse later if she wants. 


We kept a lot of the same furniture and decor from her original nursery (blog post with pics here!), and just added little modern details like the green plants and woven wall hanging above her crib. And if you've been following me for awhile, you may recognize the rug from the playroom! It's basically musical home decor at my house. Things are always moving around from room to room.


B's room finally feels "finished" and I love how unique it is for her to grow into! I've linked the products you see here in the widget below. If you can't find something specific, leave me a comment and I'll link it for you!

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