The DockATot Grand | Review


Helloooo from the Chill Zone. DockATot sent us one of their DockATot Grands to review, and B's been absolutely obsessed since it arrived. I'm kicking myself now wishing we would've sprung for one when she was a tiny babe. She was such a big co-sleeper in the early days, but by the time we had heard all the raving reviews on the DockATot Deluxe, B was practically sleeping in the crib by herself. Our Little Miss Independent is a perfect fit for the DockATot Grand, however, since it's designed as a cozy lounger for toddlers during playtime, snuggle time, and eventually crib to toddler bed transitioning. Watch the video and read below for the different ways we're using the DockATot with a toddler!

Playtime Hangs:
I've been putting the DockATot in our living room while B plays so she can sit comfortably and read when she feels like it. It's been nice because she's still too young to be on the furniture without lots of supervision, and now she has a comfy spot to play and read.

Snuggle Fests:
Once or twice a week we have movie night in Mommy & Daddy's room, and the DockATot has become a big part of that tradition. She loves having her own little spot on the bed, and we love how much calmer she is since the DockATot is a comfy and familiar thing (as opposed to open season on our bed which is basically the equivalent of a Theme Park).

Crib to Toddler Bed Transition
I'm already dreading this transition, and while it's still a ways off, I know how quickly stages go by as a mom. It's far off, but not so far off. I love that we now have a strategy for helping B transition from crib to big girl toddler bed some day in the future. I also love that it's been tested for breathability, and that it provides a micro-climate (a.k.a. not too hot or too cold) for ideal sleep.


I don't know how we functioned without this thing before, and I'm 100% getting the DockATot Deluxe when baby #2 comes along (Grandparents, if you're reading this... calm down. Not for awhile, ya sillies!) Click here to shop DockATots! We got the Grand in white, but there are SO many cute patterns to choose from. And yes B's totally gotten food and other weird stains on it. Every stain has spot cleaned right out, and the cover removes easily to machine wash as well. 

This post was done in collaboration with DockATot. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included.