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I’m Abby, Wife to Jordan & Mama to B. I live in Wichita, KS and blog about a little bit of everything.

2018 in Review

2018 in Review


Happy New Year from the Storey fam! We had an amazing year as a family, and I love putting these posts together every year (going on #3 now) to look back on. P.S. Yes our tree is still up, and I have no intention of taking it down until the 5th since it hasn’t even been up for two whole weeks yet! #movingatchristmasprobs


January - B’s first experience in the snow (and the first snow of 2018!) Spoiler alert: She wasn’t a fan. She loved it quite a bit more almost a year later in November of this year, though!


February - This was my first full month staying at home with B, and it was SO good. We kept busy every week with music class and gymnastic class (later in April). Since then, I’ve been finding less structured ways to spend our mornings (and less costly too!) but those were some fun memories looking back!

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March - Redid B’s room with B Darling wallpaper (recently removed it when we moved out and it was THE saddest thing, but it came off like a dream in under 5 min!)


April - Celebrated Easter, started gymnastics, and finished Jordan’s office (blog post here). B strongly disliked the Easter Bunny, and we’re not hopeful for next year’s visit (I mean, he’s kind of creepy right??) Easter eggs, however, she LOVED.


May - Uncle Christian got married!! We gained a very musical aunt who loves to play piano with B. B was a flower girl, and bawled the entire way down the aisle while I carried her (in an awkward hurry). It was a beautiful wedding and reception downtown, and felt like a big family/friend reunion since my sister-in-law’s family has known my family for two generations now!


June - Jordan and I went to beautiful Punta Cana (blog post here) where we spent our time getting sunburned and drinking fruity umbrella cocktails by the pool. We came back to full-blown summer heat, and spent the rest of the month swimming with B, our little fish, in any pool we could get our hands on.


July - B discovered a deep love for snapper fireworks, we spent more time in the pool, and celebrated cousin Skylar’s first birthday!


August - We said “See ya later” to our pool hangs with a dog swimming fest in College Hill’s neighborhood pool, and Mali slept for days afterwards. B had ear tubes put in this month too (praise the Lord for modern medicine!)


September - The month of the car cart obsession! Can’t forget this one! We prepped for B’s 2nd birthday, enjoyed the cooler days, and played outside as much as we could!


October - Always a busy and fun month for us! B turned 2 with a Sesame Street birthday (blog post here) and dressed up as her favorite mermaid doll for Halloween. We also went to Switzerland (blog post here) - such an incredible trip for us both.


November - Our sweet friend James turned one! We celebrated Thanksgiving and put an offer in on a house.

December - We moved! Like crazy people in the middle of December, we moved and settled in before my birthday (12/22). If you missed the post, here are some fun pictures of us enjoying the Christmas season in the new house.

2018 was so good to us. My resolutions for 2019 include opening our home up to more hosting, going as a family to church instead of watching online (although we do love our early morning church snuggles in the winter), and cooking healthier! We’re grateful for another year of good health and for all the experiences we were blessed with. Happy New Year!

A Simple New Year’s Day Brunch

A Simple New Year’s Day Brunch

Life Update

Life Update