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B's 2nd Birthday

B's 2nd Birthday


In case you were wondering just exactly how to get to Sesame Street, it’s located in Brooklyn, NY (for the sole purpose of our party). B is in LOVE with all things Sesame Street, so I wanted to knock her socks off with a party that incorporated all of her favorite characters. (P.S. All the links to party supplies, treat info, etc. will be displayed at the bottom of the post.) We took a few snaps of B before the buffet was completely decked out with treats, and I’m so glad because her party was a blur!

I painted the cake table’s backdrop on a 6x9’ painter’s drop cloth ($10 from the hardware store!) with acrylic paint and Sharpie marker, and it took me a lot of late nights to complete but I’m SO happy with how it turned out. Love of Character created the balloon garland for us and matched it perfectly to the colors on the map! I love the color-blocking effect, and wish I could keep it forever and ever in our house.


We had the party at 10am, so we went with breakfast food as dessert. I made some homemade pop-tarts with cereal on top (including Cookie Crisp ones in honor of the one and only Cookie Monster), and ordered custom donuts. We also had coffee from “Hooper’s”, juice, and Cereal Milk (from Milk Bar’s make it at home kit). The pop-tarts were an unexpected hit - linking the tutorial here for anyone wanting to make their own also!


B’s cake was a stack of cinnamon rolls I grabbed at Whole Foods, and glazed with pink icing. We cut it up to share after she blew out her candle. I love that birthday cakes are no longer just cakes - it made my life a whole lot simpler the night before the birthday!


I made these little surprise balls to look like Sesame Street characters (tutorial here) and we passed them out as party favors for the kids to open. They were SO easy to make, and I loved the simplified versions of the character faces. (My favorite is Bert and his iconic unibrow.) We were originally going to have a bouncy house, but the forecast was saying 90% chance of thunderstorms (that of course never came) so we cancelled it last minute and opted for an Elmo piñata and surprise balls instead.


All of our party supplies came from Love of Character (online shop here). I’m obsessed with how all the colors looked together. We moved our kitchen table and put a kid table in its place, and it was really fun to decorate with the confetti, rainbow plates, etc. I’m dying to host another kid party just to do the table decor again.


It ended up being a really chilly, cloudy Fall morning, so coffee was a popular choice. I made a custom stamp for these coffee sleeves to carry the Elmo theme a little further. I may just start using the leftover cups outside of the house, and see if anyone notices I’m rocking coffee from Hooper’s Cafe…


Props to Jordan for putting this donut wall together the night before! He counted all the holes and tried to make it as evenly spaced as possible (without any donuts to use for sizing reference!) I think it turned out really cute!

The invite sets the tone for the party, right?? I always loved how Sesame Street was in NYC, and really tried to incorporate that into our theme. I think it was more of Sesame Street meets hipster Brooklyn vibes, but you get the idea…

I reuse a lot of decor for every party/shower/event, including this chalkboard I’ve had year after year for showers and birthdays. I’m excited to have this pegboard for future parties - it was relatively easy to put together, plus donuts are so affordable and easy to pick-up in a pinch for any event.

Our party favor bags say “Friend is someone to share the last cookie with. - Cookie Monster,” and were filled with these darling cookies from Sweet Sugarlicious by Wendi (or Earth’s Best squeeze pouches and granola bars from their Sesame Street line for the little babes).


I ordered these deli baskets from Amazon, and I honestly debated on them for a long time. I ended up going for it, and I’m so glad because they made for cute decor as well as plates. We’ll be reusing them again and again for future parties, for SURE. I also planned only finger foods (donuts, pop-tarts, and fruit skewers) because we were hoping to have an indoor/outdoor party like last year, and these baskets just lent themselves to that kind of food.


I’m so in love with the color scheme we had. It was the perfect bright and happy feel for one of the cooler, rainier Fall days we’ve had this season.


It was SUCH a sweet party, and we loved getting to host all of B’s little friends and family. I was SO happy with how it all came together, and B absolutely loved every minute of her party.

Party Supplies
Circle plates
Rainbow plates
Paper cups
Deli baskets
Balloon garland - custom by Love of Character
Tassel garland
Elmo piñata
Cake table backdrop - painted by me (drop cloth here)
Sesame Street figurines
Surprise balls - homemade (tutorial here)
Kids table & stackable chairs
”2” Cake topper
Party favor bags
Multi-colored paper straws

Cookies - Sweet Sugarlicious
Donuts - Hurts Donuts
Cinnamon roll cake - homemade (store bought cinnamon rolls + glaze icing)
Pop-tarts - homemade (tutorial here)

B's Room Tour for Fall

B's Room Tour for Fall

Homemade Bone Broth

Homemade Bone Broth