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Edible Finger Painting

Edible Finger Painting


Have you been asking yourself lately... Where can I find a super sticky, drippy craft to do with my unpredictable and busy toddler? Well, I am here with the answer, friends! What is it that they say? Good art is messy art? My husband probably just needs to cover the house in saran wrap starting now because the artsy messes that lie ahead of us are epic - I can see it now.

In all seriousness, Brooklyn had a blast with these "finger paints" and, thanks to our Gathre mat, it was a piece of cake to clean up. The paint dries with a glossy finish, and you can spray a matte clear coat over it to further protect the art once it's dry.

I've been wanting to try painting with B since we've been stuck inside quite a bit lately with the cold weather, but she's guaranteed to put it in her mouth at some point or another. So, I googled "edible finger paints" and found this simple little DIY for toddlers literally all over the Internet (including one with vanilla pudding, but it didn't dry as nicely). The articles I read said that the condensed milk isn't as "tasty" to kids so they avoid eating the paint, but the minute B figured out the paint was sweet and syrupy, she was ALL over that. Next time, I would use way less paint, but she had a blast so I think it was successful regardless! Also, it really looks insanely messy from the photos, but it cleaned up easily with a wet rag and a warm bath for B. Definitely take precautions with old clothing and an easily cleanable surface (seriously, we love this mat for that exact reason!).

What You Need:

  • Condensed milk
  • Food coloring
  • Canvas or heavy-duty white paper
  • Clear coat spray (optional)

Mix up small amounts of condensed milk with different colors of food coloring in small, shallow containers. Let your toddler go to town with said paints. Air dry paint completely before spraying with a clear coat. 


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