3 Simple Recipes for the Beaba Babycook

Since I wrote the post on What We’re Doing with Baby Food back in July, B’s started almost completely on Baby-Led Weaning with a few purees that she usually feeds herself.  It’s crazy how much can change in a few months.  She’s turned into a total adventurer with food, too.  B loves trying what’s on our plates, and is starting to develop her own favorite foods.  She's an eater after my own heart - never afraid to try something new!  

I’ll admit, I’ve been a little lazy this past month with B’s meals.  We’ve been relying on a lot of frozen veggies and turkey meatballs, and I think our little foodie was starting to get tired of the same song and dance each night!  Baby-Led Weaning really just means giving baby a little of what you’re having for dinner (within reason of course), and a lot of evenings that’s exactly what we do.  But for evenings when Jordan and I are indulging in a little takeout, or dinner’s going to be ready long after 8PM, B needs her own meals. That’s why I was so stoked to try the Beaba Babycook - not only did it mean less dishes, but dinner for B can be done in 15-20 min and I literally just have to push a button.  

I’ve put together a few of our favorite recipes that B loves, and keep in mind they also freeze well in silicone trays (there’s always extra so make sure to have food storage handy!) You don’t have to have a Babycook in order to make these, either! I’ve included in the notes the slight changes if you’re using regular ol’ pots and pans.

Baby Mac & Cheese

This one freezes and refrigerates well because it congeals (as only mac and cheese can) so it’s easier for baby to pick up and eat!

1/2 frozen bag (or about 1.5 cups) butternut squash

1/3 cup cheddar cheese

(1/2 cup chicken stock if you aren’t using a Babycook)

6 oz cooked quinoa shells



Steam the butternut squash at a level 2.  Add reserved water and cheddar cheese to steamed squash and puree. Mix in cooked quinoa shells and add salt and pepper to taste.  


Cinnamon Apple + Pear + Quinoa Puree

It’s Fall after all, and we’re slowly introducing some spices into B’s world. A dash of cinnamon makes this extra yummy, and I like to put this into squeezie pouches for us to take on the go.

1 chopped pear

1 chopped apple

1/3 cup frozen quinoa

(1/2-1 cup water as needed if you aren’t using a Babycook)

Dash of cinnamon

Steam apples, pears and quinoa at a level 3.  Add reserved water and puree with a dash of cinnamon. Pulse until puree reaches desired consistency. 

Mini Broccoli & Parmesan Quiches

I'm not even joking, I made a double batch of these so I could have some too!  Eggs are an awesome source of protein.

1/2 cup roughly chopped broccoli

4 eggs

1/4 cup milk

2 tbsp parmesan cheese

salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees 

  1. Pulse broccoli until finely chopped 
  2. Add in eggs and milk, and pulse 2-3 times
  3. Stir in cheese
  4. Pour mixture into Beaba multi-purpose tray, filling 2/3 of the way up. 
  5. Place multi-purpose tray on top of a baking sheet and place in oven and bake for 23-35 minutes or until golden brown on top
  6. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving

Note: I like to cut up into bite-sized pieces to make sure the inside is fully cooled.

Please, please share in the comments what your own babies have loved!  We are almost to a whole year old, and quickly moving into the world of all finger foods, which is unknown territory to this mama.  I love hearing what other babies eat, and what works for mealtime for other families.

This post was sponsored in collaboration with Beaba Babycook.