Our Cozy Outdoor Deck

As silly as it sounds, a deck was not on our wishlist when we were house shopping.  Although, after we moved in and realized what a great space we had to work with, we started spending more and more time out here.  Jordan and I have enjoyed many early mornings on the deck with our coffee, and even more evenings with friends playing disc golf and having a beer.  

Ashley Homestore just came out with a great collection of outdoor patio furniture, and we had a choice between their brown or gray sectional.  Because the deck is already brown, we went with the brown/taupe sectional.  We moved that in, and Jordan set up some lights and his grill, and we left it as is for a few months.

There was nothing wrong with the existing pillows that came with the outdoor set, but I wanted something that brought the vibe of the inside to the outside.  We're hosting Brooklyn's first birthday in our backyard in only two short months, so it's been on my list to really put the finishing touches on the high-traffic areas of the house.  I snagged these pillows and indoor/outdoor throw from Target and Amazon Prime.  I sprayed them with an outdoor fabric sealant, and I'm crossing my fingers that since they're under a covered deck that it'll be enough to keep them clean/dry for awhile.  I already had the tray, candle, and plants, but you can find them all below at Target, West Elm, and Amazon.  I like that the tray can be used for pitcher and drink set-ups (Margaritas, anyone?) and the plants bring more of the inside's feel to the deck.

Typically, we're not big "color people" when it comes to the inside of the house, but I wanted to play off the beautiful earth-tones in our backyard, and these deep blues were the perfect detail our deck needed.  I'm excited for all the cozy evenings ahead (especially as the temperature cools down) on this deck.

1.  Ashley Furniture Outdoor Sectional  |  2. Tribal Blue Pillow  |  3. Island Moonlight Candle  |  4. Large Metallic Lacquer Tray  |  5. Blue Metallic Oversized Pillow  |  6. Global Oversized Pillow  |  7. Indoor/Outdoor Herringbone Throw  |  8. Succulent Planters