House Planning | The Office

1. Apple iMac  |  2. Ebony Global Lumbar Pillow  |  3. Ashley Homestore Desk  |  4. Seagrass Basket  |  5. Ashley Zenfield Chair  |  6. West Elm Mid-Century Planter  |  7. Ashley Rug (In-Store Only) |  8. Target Schoolhouse Desk Lamp

I should probably throw in a little taxidermy on this mood board, just for kicks and giggles.  Did you know my husband hunts?  He's actually pretty talented at it!  Two years ago, he shot an elk with a bow in Colorado, and Mr. Elk lived in our living room at the old house because of the high ceiling.  Well, in the new house, he will be joining me in the office.  Nothing says "Power Move" like a giant elk mount in your office, right?  Anyways, I love that elk (no joke, he made some excellent tacos... heh), and I love that he adds a unique eclectic vibe to our home.  That vibe is exactly what I wanted to play off of for this office.  

The location of the office is right off the entryway, and the ceiling extends to the second story.  There's a massive, beautiful two-story window in this room, as well.  In a nutshell, it's a very grand room, and we wanted to do that justice.  We're also planning a gallery wall of black and white photos (inspiration can be seen below) that are visible from the entryway.  I love the blend of portraits and candid shots we've chosen - they represent our family perfectly.  

Photo credit: Kaila Walls of  These Blonde Walls

Photo credit: Kaila Walls of These Blonde Walls

Essentially, this room is a mix.  It's an office, but it's also a formal front room.  The wall art/taxidermy is a great representation of our family and the perfect welcome into our home.  And the furniture is modern, but not too casual.  I'm excited this will be one of the first rooms we tackle in our updating, and the first thing to go will be those fabulous poofy drapes...

By the way... A little PSA: You're going to notice a lot of Ashley Homestore pop up on here on home decor posts.  My husband's family owns two of their stores where we live, and we l-o-v-e their current stuff.  There's some really well-made, edgy furniture at Ashley, and it's worth checking out if you're in the market for something new.   We also love a lot of other vendors that are carried here locally by the family store Wichita Furniture (Sorry if you're outside of the delivery range - they don't ship outside of Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma yet!) and I'll mention those vendors in future posts as well.