Chapter One | Goodbye House

In case you aren't up to date on Instagram, we've sold our house!  I'm still in a state of denial that we're moving so soon, although our new house holds so much potential for years of memories that I can't help but be 99% excited and maybe only 1% nostalgic.  If you know me, you know I can do nostalgia pretty well, even at a measly 1%.  That little 1% part of me that's emotional about moving feels a lot of feels.  After all, it was our first home together, and we did a lot of life in these first two years together.

This is the house where I fell in love with Jordan.  I cooked so many memorable meals in that kitchen, and we had our premarital counseling at that dining room table.  We had our families over for countless dinners here, including one right after we got engaged with everyone happily crammed into the kitchen and dining room tables.  Our new puppy slept under the coffee table the first day we had her.  We brought B home to this house, and she spent many nights with us in our bedroom.  We celebrated our first Christmas here together as a family.  B spent her first night in her crib here, and it's so strange knowing she'll never remember this house.  

When we started talking about moving, at first it was a logical choice.  It's a seller's market in our area right now, and living near family means if we sold quickly before we had time to buy something, we'd be able to temporarily live with our parents while we found the perfect place for our next chapter.  It just made sense.  And then the more we talked, the more we both wanted a place that we could sink our hearts into a little longer. We wanted a place that B would remember, with room for us to grow and make our own.  We wanted something that would check all of our boxes (a post to come on what those were!) and have potential to be updated in the style we like (another post on that later).  We listed our house, and it sold within the first week on the market which was a HUGE answer to prayer. Showing your house is stressful especially with a baby, dog, and computer gear to cart around.  I can't help but daydream, as we start packing up and finish up our final days here, about the family that will come after us.  I'm saying little quiet prayers for them as we live here a little while longer.  I imagine them in each room I pass through, thankful for all the good days we have had here. We are so grateful that this house will continue to be loved.

I can't wait to share what we have planned, more about the home we bought, and how the house hunting process went for us.  Keep us in your prayers as we navigate this exciting new chapter in our family's life.