B's First Trip


Well, we did it!  We survived B's first big trip as a family.  Last weekend we flew up to St. Louis to watch the Wichita State Shockers win the Arch Madness championship.  B did so great the whole trip, and was tuckered out by the end of every day.  

I was worried about her sleeping in a Pack 'n Play in the same room as us, since we've all gotten used to having our own sleeping spaces again, but she zonked out for 12 hours straight both nights.  I kept her bedtime routine the exact same as any other night, including reading Goodnight Moon and a bath (yes we hauled her bathtub on the plane!).  I'd say the combination of routine and a solid day of fun did the trick. 

She loved the games too!  We brought a pair of baby headphones we got on Amazon and a Boba carrier for her to sleep in.  I can't recommend either of those enough if you're taking a baby to an event like we did.  The headphones were a lifesaver!  She spent half the games sitting with her grandparents, watching and chewing on her hand, and the other half napping on me.  We only had to do the awful bathroom diaper change twice, and it was overall pretty painless (I washed my hands AND B's hands like three times afterwards because #germs.)  

The rest of the time we spent hanging out and shopping.  My main priority on days 2 & 3 was making sure B got a solid morning and/or evening nap in so she'd be a happy baby for the rest of the trip.  This meant major cuddle sessions in the fluffy hotel bed which was 110% okay with me.  Our hotel room was basically a condensed version of our house with bottles soaking in the bathroom sink and B's "crib" halfway tucked into the closet (a.k.a. the darkest part of our room).    

We were so ready to be home by Sunday.  It was good to get away, but there's no place like home (pun intended).  I'll check that milestone off the list as a success!