B's First Easter Basket

A long time ago I was having dinner with my parents and some cousins we don't see often, and the subject of the Tooth Fairy came up. My parents and my cousins were swapping stories about all the elaborate things they did in order to keep the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive for their inquisitive, creative little children. When the laughter finally subsided, my cousin's father said, "But why wouldn't we have done all of that? This is WHY I had kids!" And this, you guys, is what I love about parenting. There's so much hard stuff, and so much joy as a result of that work. But there's also the silly good stuff like a fully decked out Easter basket that was put together with so much love.  Easter was always one of my favorite holidays growing up (aside from the tights and dresses part - haha sorry, Mom!)  Celebrating the hope of eternal life in Heaven at the same time the world outside is turning warm and green again is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  


When I was trying to find things to tuck into B's first Easter Basket, I thought back to some of my favorite Easter traditions.  One of those was a sweet little book called "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes."  This book... oh my.  It's a good one.  It's a perfect book for little girls. The Country Bunny is the heroine of the story who chases her dreams of becoming the Easter Bunny.  She works hard, she reaches for her goals, and she's always good and kind in the way she goes about it.  Plus the illustrations are too good... I thought what would be better than to build B's basket with a Country Bunny theme?  

I ordered Zoe Rabbit from Hazel Village to add to our growing collection.  We (and yes, I do mean B too!) love these stuffed animals so much.  Aside from the fact that they have a timeless look, they're made with love in Brooklyn, NY which is pretty much the cherry on top for us.  They're really soft, and resilient to B's endless spitty kisses (plus no choking hazards from buttons or beads.)  She's brown like the Country Bunny in our story, and I love her little boho outfit.  

I also found these perfect gold bow moccasins from KC Moccs on Etsy.  A friend suggested their shop to me, and I'm obsessed.  Of course, the Country Bunny has her own pair of golden shoes, but I won't spoil the ending for you...

B's been teething lately (no teeth yet, just lots of signs of them!) so she needed a bib to protect her little Easter dress.  This bib from Billy Bibs is even prettier in person, and it will go great with other fancy outfits in the future.  

I also found some great little golden splattered eggs in the Dollar Section at Target. Scorrrrre!

Finally, the lining of the basket was sewed with love with Rifle Paper Co. fabric by my aunt.  I am already thinking up projects for the leftover fabric.

We did a trial run in her Easter dress (shown here) and it fits almost too perfectly (a.k.a. zero room to grow!) Crossing my fingers B holds off on a growth spurt until after Easter weekend.  We're looking forward to time with family, and celebrating that Jesus is alive!  (And eating ALL the Reese's Eggs!)