Don't Forget

At my parents' house with B.

At my parents' house with B.

Dear Me in the Future,

Time is moving really fast, and B is changing every day.  On this particular week, she is rolling over, and it's causing all kinds of chaos at bedtime as a result.  But oh my goodness, there are about 100 perfect moments a day along with these few new challenges, and it's important you don't take them for granted because they're flying by so fast.  They warned you this would go by fast, but there's no warning for when these moments will stop being part of your everyday life.  

As of this moment, don't ever forget:

  • The way B's soft fuzzy hair smells like baby shampoo when you're reading her Goodnight Moon before bed.  If they could bottle this smell combined with the fuzzy-softness of baby head, I think we'd have World Peace.
  • How funny it is that Mali insists on supervising B's bath every night, and how hard B giggled when you squirted Mali with a bath toy last night.
  • How B likes to twirl her little hand around your finger when you feed her a bottle.
  • The way B looks at you in the morning when you get her up - she's SO happy to see you, but also still sleepy.  It's stinkin' priceless.
  • How B opens her mouth to give "kisses" and occasionally sticks her tongue out too.
  • The face B makes when she's kicking like crazy in the bathtub. She concentrates really hard, and takes it very seriously - it's hilarious.
  • How shy B is around new people, and how chatty she is with family.
  • How determined B is to sit up.  She has little "baby abs" that she flexes when she's trying to sit up, and she's determined to make this happen long before it's time.  She's a champ.
  • When B sleeps, she still flips over to her side like when she was a newborn.  She loves to sleep like that.
  • The way B lights up when she sees Daddy.  She's mimicking noises now, and we got her to say "Ah Ah" in reponse to "Da Da" so now... Daddy is calling himself "Ah Ah."


Mama to 4 Month-Old B