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Winter Wassail Mules with Zevia Ginger Beer

Winter Wassail Mules with Zevia Ginger Beer

I know it sounds silly, but I pride myself on my Moscow Mules. They're so easy to remember, and they always impress guests. Like all typical Millennials, we have a set of those copper mugs in our bar cabinet, and I whip them out every chance I get for company. There's something so festive about them, especially this time of year. This year, we're having some friends over for my 28th birthday, and since everyone is starting to have babies, it just made sense to keep cozy and stay in with food and drinks at our house. I wanted to do something fresh and fun with cocktails for our guests, and thanks to Zevia we had plenty of Ginger Beer mixers on hand. I'm making a special Winter Wassail drink in the crockpot (recipe below!) and it's also another great healthy option as it's mainly fruit and wintery spices. It mixed perfectly with vodka on ice and Zevia's zero calorie, sugar-free Ginger Beer. The awesome thing about this cocktail is that it's totally great as a mocktail as well! Just make the Wassail as directed below, and add Zevia Ginger Beer over ice. 


1 quart cold-pressed apple cider

2 cups cold-pressed orange juice

2 tbsp lemon juice

3 cinnamon sticks

2 tsp cloves, whole 

1 sliced orange

1 cup cranberries


1/2 cup Winter Wassail 

3 oz vodka

1 can Zevia Ginger Beer


Combine all ingredients for Wassail in crockpot, and cook on low 4-6 hours. If serving cold, heat mixture in the crockpot the day before serving, and keep in refrigerator overnight to let the flavors meld together even more.


In shaker, combine 3 oz. vodka, 1/2 cup Winter Wassail and ice. Shake to mix. Pour over ice into a copper mug, and top with Zevia Ginger Beer. Garnish with fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks, or a slice of orange.

This post was sponsored by Zevia. Their new line of mixers are delicious, sugar-free, and zero calorie. A win-win for the holiday season heading into the New Year!

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