Diaper Bag Backpack Review

Full disclosure: I have been searching for a diaper bag backpack since like week 3 of B's life. We started with a shoulder sling bag, in a similar color as the backpack in the photos above.  I loved how it looked, but the functionality was less than average.  I'm a small drink of water at 5'2, and lugging around a massive bag on one shoulder with a baby on the other hip just does not work for my already challenged balance issues. 

So it goes without saying that when I got my new Anchored East backpack in the mail, I immediately switched all of our diaper bag essentials over.  My favorite part about the bag is how easy it is to throw on my shoulders.  I also love how it can work for either me or my husband to carry.  It's basically my new favorite accessory.

I've organized it with snacks, diapers, wipes, lotion, diaper cream, a few toys, and B's favorite Camelbak water bottle (thanks Lolly!).  It also comes with a handy changing mat with a cute little chevron print.  I love that this bag has a thermal-lined pocket inside for when we pack B's food to go (for those dinners out with family), water-resistant fabric, and luggage feet on the bottom so I don't feel bad about leaving it on the ground.  My only wish is that it came in like 3 other colors so I could get them ALL!  I love this bag, and the price is ridiculously reasonable on Amazon with Prime shipping as an option as well.  Linked here for your convenience!

This post was sponsored in collaboration with Anchored East.