Creating a Coffee Bar

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

Back in May, Jordan surprised me with a fancy coffee maker for my very first Mother's Day.  We're pretty big into coffee over here, and since I work from home, it's really nice to be able to walk into the kitchen for a good cup of coffee.  We have the French Press for bigger batches of Joe, and use the Nespresso machine for quick cups of coffee, Americano's, and lattes.  

If you're thinking about building your own coffee bar, I would suggest a few of these items, in addition to your coffee maker of choice.  I keep all of the pods for our coffee maker in little vintage tins I found in the West Bottoms in KC.  For my birthday, my parents gifted me with a few fun coffee syrups that I've been using almost every day because they're just. so. good.  Coffee snobs, beware, I am 100% unashamed of my #basic love of sugary lattes.  The White Chocolate and Caramel syrups especially are like right-on-the-nose to Starbucks flavors.  The milk frother is another favorite - it gives you that fun foam, and is great for regular coffee as well as espresso-based drinks.  If you've never tried French Press coffee, we highly recommend trying it!  When we were on our honeymoon in Fiji, the only coffee available to us was French Press in our little honeymoon hut.  So we Googled a few videos, figured out how to make it, and literally never looked back.  It so worth learning how to do, and it takes almost no time at all to make.  You have to time everything pretty closely to make it right, and when we do brew French Press, I use the magnetic timer on our fridge like the one pictured below.  Finally, my favorite part of the coffee bar in our house is the Letterfolk board I change up weekly with silly sayings about my caffeine addition.

If you're addicted to the bean like we are, I highly recommend setting up a fun station in your house to make mornings a little smoother/more cheerful.  If you're a work-from-homer, like me, you definitely won't regret having a spot to grab a cup of coffee when the mood strikes!