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Dressing Brooklyn

Dressing Brooklyn

The minute we found out we were having a girl, the first thing I heard was "You're going to have so much fun shopping for a girl!"  And it's 100% true, you guys.  B's like a little doll, and I may have gone a little nutty on buying her clothes this first year.  I've found some favorite brands, certain stores that always have great sales, and a few "investment pieces" that were worth the price tag in my mind.  I've had a handful of people ask me where I buy B's clothes, so I wanted to put together a list of places that I frequent for basics, trendy items, pj's, and bows.  

My rules for B's clothes are...

  1. They've gotta be comfy.  B spends a huge chunk of her day napping and at home, so most of her clothes are soft, stretchy, and cozy.  I have many onesie + legging combos, a few rompers, and baby hoodies that make up her day-to-day wear.  This extends to bows too - if the bow is too giant, tight, or scratchy, it doesn't get worn.
  2. Colors need to coordinate.  Just like with your own wardrobe, I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes in a color that doesn't match anything else I own.  I try to only buy outfits that can be mixed around with other pieces, and that's been really successful for us so far since a lot of baby outfits come as sets.  
  3. Function can be fashionable.  For example, B's started drooling more (#babylife) and I've been adding little bandana bibs to her outfits to keep her dry and clean.  They look great, and they're useful.  Baby clothes should be cute AND keep them dry + warm - that's how I see it.
  4. Go gender neutral for investment pieces.  We don't plan on having just one baby (but we're in no rush for baby #2!) so for things like the Patagonia jumpsuit, it's good to try to find a happy medium with colors just in case we have a boy somewhere down the line.

My Favorite Places to Shop:

Baby Gap/Old Navy - They have the best sales at both stores (p.s. they share a checkout cart now - it's a handy little feature!), and the quality is great.  Their basics are really cute, and all the colors they put out seem to coordinate nicely with other brands.  I'm always really happy with how comfortable their clothes are, even the fancier outfits (For example: Tutus with soft lining under the skirts).  Most of B's onesies and leggings are from these stores.  Old Navy has the comfiest little dresses, also - I grabbed a handful of their jersey knit dresses before B was born for Spring and Fall.

Kickee Pants - We got a pair of their footie ruffle pj's for a baby gift, and I loved them so much that I got three more pairs in different colors.  We really only use their brand for pajamas, and I love how they are never too hot/too cold for her at night.  The footies also help keep her Owlet in place!

Zara - These styles are much simpler, but in the same price range as Gap.  I like their little touches on baby clothes like wooden buttons and neutral colors.  They're a little more modern than a store like Gap, but in a really affordable price range.  Their sales are awesome, too.  I got some adorable cardigans for B there.  

Childhoods Clothing - These are a bigger splurge, but they're in such classic colors and styles that it'll last you for future babies.  I love their hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts, especially!  The quality is really, really good, and their styles are very versatile.

Rags to Raches - I love these guys, for so many reasons.  Their rompers are really stretchy, soft, and unique.  Their business model is to release small batches of unique styles every few weeks, so they get you very addicted to seeing what new looks are coming, and their style is SO fun.  Because they're so stretchy, B can wear a 6-12 month romper with the ankles cuffed up.  The only thing I don't love about them is how you have to completely take off the romper to change a diaper, and that can be annoying when B is fussy.  

Patagonia - We purchased a few items from here at their store in Breckenridge, CO on clearance, and the best purchase we made was a hooded jumpsuit for B.  She has LIVED in it, and I trust that the quality is there for keeping her warm on outdoor adventures.  If we had been taking her on any more outdoor excursions as it's gotten colder, I would have invested in their insulated snowsuits for her.  But that hooded jumpsuit has been used endlessly since temperatures dropped!

Freshly Picked Moccasins - Of course, these are super trendy, and a bit pricey, but the fact is that they STAY ON the feet.  That's huge, and they look ten times cuter than socks.  They keep baby feet warm, look adorable, and they STAY ON.  They're also soft, and the quality is great.  I had gray moccasins in newborn size (0) and have a few in size 1.

Etsy - I love buying baby clothes on Etsy.  There are so many talented sellers, and a ton of different styles that are right on trend. Here are a few of my favorites:  

  • AnchoreDeep - I got a hoodie for B here that is incredibly soft, and a pair of leggings that are really funky and fit like skinny harems.
  • LittleHighbury - Super cute tied headbands for babies!
  • indielittles - More headbands, but these are more boho.  The fabric is SO soft.

Baby Bling Bows - These are THE softest, and come in a ton of colors and styles.  They are my favorite bows for B because of how soft and cute they look on her.

Little Poppy Co - Agh my guilty pleasure.  It's actually only $11.99/month subscription for 3 bows, and they surprise you every month with seasonal/themed bows.  Their bows are excellent, and always perfect for the season.  It's exciting to get a package every month with a few new bows, and you can choose between a thin headband or a clip bow.  Also, I'm always impressed at how well their colors, fabrics, and styles match B's wardrobe.

Copper Pearl Bibs - Okay, these are our latest "must-have" item because B has discovered she has saliva glands, and it is Drool City over here.  These are doubled up in fabric, so nothing ever gets on her clothes underneath.  Plus, they look really cute (kind of like a trendy little bandana scarf) and come in tons of colors and patterns.  If you have Amazon Prime, they have them on there as well!

It's been so fun gathering all of B's clothes for these first few months - I'm already planning for summer time (baby swim suits, agh!)  Leave me a comment with any other great baby stores you guys have found to be great buys!

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