Christmas at the Storey's

Last Christmas, Jordan and I's first Christmas (yes first Christmas together ever! Ha!) was a "busy" time. We had just come back from our Honeymoon, were getting used to married life, unpacking suitcases and wedding gifts, etc. etc. One year later, it's so funny how perspective has changed! I was so busy last year, we really only managed to get the tree up, and that was pre-wedding. This year, I was determined to do better despite the whole newborn thing - actually it was BECAUSE of the newborn thing! Starting traditions now is so important. I want to remember our first Christmas as a family fondly, and for me that begins with decking the halls!

The tree was the biggest project. It's a 9 footer, and I wanted something that fit the style of our house. We have a bit of a rustic, modern mix happening, with a large elk mounted in the living room that my husband shot with a bow in Colorado. It's beautiful, and at Christmas it's fun to play off that vibe. 

I found a bunch of lanterns at Hobby Lobby to use as statement ornaments, and bought only neutral ornaments (lots of mercury glass - I love how it shines on the tree!) I mixed in some metallic and real feathers, along with a lot of faux greenery. I ended up with kind of an eclectic mix of rustic and luxe vibes, and it cozies up the whole living room so nicely.  

Top that off with our adorable fur stockings from Restoration Hardware, and all comes together just right!