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Welcoming in the New Year

Welcoming in the New Year


Oh my goodness, 2016 will forever be a memorable year for us.  We kicked it off with a very exciting little surprise, and I spent the majority of the year pregnant.  We'll be starting 2017 with a baby, and I'm sure it'll fly by as we navigate the adventure that is parenthood.  

January - We started off 2016 with a lot of awesomeness, including my first trip to Vegas Market with the fam business.  There was lots of coffee drinking, floor walking, and furniture talking, and I loved being a part of it all.  Little did we know, Baby B was also along for the ride on her first market trip, as well!  We found out we were pregnant this month, and telling our parents was pretty much the highlight of the year until Baby B made her appearance.

February - All the morning sickness.  Jordan surprised me with a Valentine's weekend trip to Oklahoma City to watch KU beat OU at their home court (Woot!), and I thanked him by throwing up out the window on the way there.  I spent the majority of February on a college kid diet, eating whatever sounded good (Freddy's was a staple - the kid's meal cheeseburger with mustard and pickles only), and avoiding the weirdest things (tacos, for example, sounded so gross for the longest time).  Mucho mac n'cheese was consumed during this month.  I have a very vivid memory of attempting a grocery trip at Target, filling my cart with frozen pizzas and boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, trying not to puke because of ALL the smells.  Ohhh pregnancy. 

March - We announced Baby Storey coming in October 2016!  We waited what felt like months to shout it from the rooftops, and by this time I was starting to feel a little more normal.  I started cooking again, and could actually grocery shop without mentally strategizing an emergency exit. (A serious victory!)

April - It's a GIRL!  Our friends and family threw us a Gender Reveal Party in my parents' backyard, and we revealed the gender with balloons coming out of an old trunk.  We also first heard the name "Brooklyn" at this party when a friend of mine gave us a baby sweater with the Brooklyn Bridge on it.  I started redoing my mom's old dollhouse for B to someday have as her own.  (I am wanting to put together a blog post on this sometime soon!) This was my first "Girl Mom" adventure/project, and I've been obsessed with it ever since.


May - All three of our siblings graduated from their respective schools!  This kept us pretty busy going to all the ceremonies, and we loved celebrating with them.  We also celebrated my first Mother's Day, and I got a f-a-n-c-y Nespresso machine from my husband that we religiously use to this day.  We took Mali (our dog) down to the lake for Labor Day, and taught her how to swim.  Turns out, having a cute little baby bump is awesome in the summertime because there's no need to suck it in after eating a whole mess of nachos by the pool.

June - Nesting begins.  I reorganized our pantry (like hardcore, Pinterest style with jars for every essential cooking item) and we started putting the nursery together.  Jordan painted the stripes on B's wall, and we ordered a crib, dresser, and rocker. 

July - We started off July by celebrating the 4th of July, our engagement anniversary, at the lake.  My sweet grandma passed away a few days later, and joined my Grandpa Max in heaven.  We took another trip in late July to Colorado, and I loved the break from the Kansas heat.  I spent a lot of time walking up and down Downtown Breckenridge, enjoying the views and shopping.  

August - Got a sneak peek at B in 3D, including her perfect little yawn.  We were blessed to have two baby showers for B.  I spent a lot of August happily washing, folding, and organizing B's ridiculously full closet and drawers.  

September - Mali turned one!  She got a very fancy puppy birthday cake, and enjoyed being the only child for one final month. We also finished the nursery this month, and two fellow pregnant friends had their babies.  The end of this month felt like it lasted years, seriously.  I kept myself as busy as possible, but the belly was getting heavier every day :).


October - Finally, BABY TIME.  October 1 came and went, and I didn't expect much different.  I was induced the night of October 5, and B was born October 6 in the afternoon.  We brought our little snuggle buns home, and went into the survival mode that is the 4th trimester.  Lucky for us, we had so many visitors bring us meals and I had a handful of freezer meals stocked up.  After spending the majority of 2016 pregnant, I was so happy to trade in my pregnant self for newborn cuddles.

November - Happy One-Year Wedding Anniversary to us! (And B turned one month old - still crazy to me that we had a one month old on our first anniversary ha!) We kept it pretty tame with a cozy movie date at the theater.  Jordan also turned 26, wahoo!  We spent a lot of time down at the farm for deer-hunting season, where Jordan shot a sweet buck.  

December - Baby's First Christmas!!  (And my 27th birthday - which feels so weird to type out.)  December was a flurry of activity, as it always is, getting ready for Christmas.  We had a really special first Christmas as a family of three, and spent a lot of time with our families celebrating and spoiling B with cuddles and presents.  B has grown sooo much already at 2 1/2 months old.  She smiles with her whole body it seems like, and she's beginning to "talk" to us more and more.  I think we'll keep her.

Whew, what a year.  We are so blessed to wrap it up with the world's sweetest baby - healthy, happy and loved.  Happy New Year, friends!

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