It's been a busy start to December!  Dad had a hunting trip, so we girls trekked up to KC with my parents for a weekend to celebrate my dad turning 42, again (weird how that happens!). My brothers met us, and we all stayed in some friends' loft in the historic Western Auto building.  Aside from one very adventurous afternoon where I changed a very messy diaper in a closet-sized bathroom in a Vietnamese restaurant (Vietnam Cafe - best pho in KC!), B and I spent a lot of time at the loft enjoying the warm, snuggly views of downtown.  We played board games, made my Grandma's famous party mix, and ate at some of my old favorite downtown spots (Grinders Philly Cheesesteak, anyone??) I also taught my father how to make French Press coffee - a skill every 42 year-old should know. 

In other news, life is pretty much about preparing for Christmas and sleep training B.  We're working on taking naps in the crib, and have found that white noise is incredibly helpful in getting her to relax and fall asleep (and stay asleep!!).  This machine is a lifesaver, and it's pricey but worth every penny.  Instead of that annoying, fake radio static a lot of noise machines pass off as "white noise," it's smoother like a fan.  Anyways, I'm weirdly obsessed with how great it is, and bring it up far too often in conversation.

B is growing like crazy.  We just hit the two-month mark, and she had a whole mess of shots. She's starting to really interact with us, too!  We've both gotten a laugh from her, and tons of big open-mouthed smiles.  Her expressions remind me so much of her daddy, especially in the eyes.  She's got his smiling eyes, and my whole heart feels full whenever I see that glimpse of her daddy in her face.