Hi, I’m Abby.

Like all good fairytales in 2015 begin, it all started with a really good wedding hashtag #andsothestoreybegins. And after that, an epic wedding happened, followed by an even more epic baby girl (11 months later). Of course, I purchased a domain to match our wedding hashtag, and held on to it long after the coach turned back into a pumpkin. I figured, at some point, it would be fun to use this space to continue the "Storey." (Our last name is Storey, in case you didn't catch that.)

Call it whatever you want: A creative outlet. A place for me to record our memories. Another special snowflake with a blog (okay, maybe don't call it that - that's not very nice.) I like having my own little corner of the Internet, and it makes me happy to have a place to record photos, recipes, and stories that's 100% mine. I also design websites, and have a background in photography, so it feels natural to have a personal blog to peep in on every now and then. 

My name is Abby, I'm 29, and married to the best teammate and friend a girl could have. We have a baby girl (born October 2016) named Brooklyn Renae, but sometimes we call her Rooklyn Benae, just to keep people guessing.

Happy to have you here, friend. Thanks for reading.