Natural Remedies for Late Summer


Lately, we've been getting more into natural remedies for things like bug bites and cold symptoms basically out of necessity. I typically stock the medicine cabinet with Tylenol, Advil, etc. for Jordan and I, but with B not even being two yet, her options for medicine are a little more limited. To be completely honest, finding natural remedies that actually work is totally empowering as a mom. We still use plenty of non-natural things for B and around the house when needed, but again having that knowledge is so freeing when you've got little ones in your home to worry about.

Cough Suppressant

If you've been following my stories on Instagram, you've probably seen me talking about this one a lot lately. B came down with a virus that's still hanging on in some small ways, specifically in her lungs. Most cough medicines are still not okay to give to B with her weight and age, so I started buying a natural remedy cough medicine at the local pharmacy. I mentioned it to our pediatrician at the last appointment, and she said that local honey (emphasis on the local) would help even more.*

So I looked into it, posted about it (and got so many great tips in DM's!), and learned SO much about the benefits of honey. At the very least, honey is a great cough suppressant for children. B tends to cough less at night when she's had a dose of honey (we give her 5ML before bed) which is a huge help for her sleeping well. 

A few other things about raw, local honey: It's got natural antioxidants called phenolic compounds and cancer-fighting phytonutrients - this alone is awesome. And some research supports that local honey (obtained as close as possible to where you live) can help with seasonal allergies. We've been getting honey from a local business, but got a tip that a middle school within a mile of our house was selling honey made from a hive right on school property. We snagged that up, and I was pleasantly surprised that it came in honeycomb form! It's also really fun to eat over ice cream or with goat cheese + crackers.

Source linked here.

*Due to the risk of infant botulism, a rare but serious form of food poisoning, you should never give honey to a child younger than age 1.

Bug Bite Healer

Our backyard is like Disneyland for mosquitos right now. They're absolutely everywhere, and it's maddening. I've been careful to spray B down with bug repellant, but occasionally a mosquito finds its way inside the house, and she's getting the most bites of us all. My mom mentioned that dabbing a little lavender essential oil on the bites should help with itching and shrink them faster, and she was right! I have a little roller ball (purchased in a pack here) that I fill with Jojoba baby oil (linked here) and add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to the roller. Before nap, I roll it on all of her bites (also B loves this - it's very soothing and calming before nap) and we've noticed it really helps a lot.

Dry Skin & Diaper Rash

I rarely find a skin product that I get excited about, and that's probably because I never buy skin care products (whoops). I have a friend who works in the natural skincare world, and she gifted us with my first bottle of Jojoba oil (you can find the same brand here!). It seriously has done wonders for B's dry skin, the beginning stages of diaper rash, and my own skin. It also removes makeup! I use it often as a carrier for essential oils on B because it's so gentle. 


Ant Repellant

Let me take you back to last summer - the summer of the ants and no dishwasher. It was a dark time, and probably partly fueled by my own laziness in washing dishes. That being said, we had ants in our kitchen regardless of how clean the sink was. They were constantly streaming in from the kitchen window, and I tried to trap them a million different ways without success... We eventually had a pest control guy spray for them when he came to spray for the seasonal pests, and it finally got rid of them. This summer, however, we've been ant-free, and I'm crediting it to the natural counter spray I've been using. I like to wipe our kitchen down with Thieves cleaning spray because I love the smell, and I know it's much better for all of us to use a natural cleaning solution. It wasn't until recently that I heard a few other people remark on essential oils having an effect on keeping ants away from the kitchen that I realized the connection. Trust me when I say, the ants are still milling around the outside of the house. But they're sure not coming inside where the food is (and yes we have a dishwasher now, but my sink is still never perfectly spotless!) You can also make your own ant repellant with water and peppermint essential oil spray, or put a few drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls around your kitchen to keep the ants away.

We're currently using Young Living Essential Oils for all of our oily remedies. A friend of ours gifted me with a set of rollers for my baby shower, and we're still using them (the fever reducing one she sent has been my favorite lately). If you've been wanting to get more into essential oils, you can get signed up for 24% off retail pricing by signing up for a YL Starter Kit through this link: (P.S. There's zero pressure to sell oils if you sign up as a member, and the discount lasts forever! Plus the starter kit is over $300 worth of product for only $160.) We diffuse all the different oils, and I'm constantly learning new ways to use these babies outside of diffusing. I've bought all of our roller tubes and spray bottles on Amazon, and love making little gifts for friends out of them as well.

Finally, if you're looking for raw, unfiltered honey that's local to your area, we've been picking up ours from Clifton Collective and it's called Beesponsible. They actually have honey from all over the US, and you can shop their honey products here:

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Farmer's Market + Weekend Things


It was a fun weekend for us as a fam, and I was really excited to spend it together since last weekend Jordan was traveling for work. We buzzed down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, and scored some goodies. There's nothing quite like local tomatoes in the summer, am I right??


Here's my haul! We got a loaf of Country Sourdough bread, a basket of tomatoes, and local honey. B and I ate three (after intending only to eat one!) of these tomatoes for lunch with a little kosher salt, and they were incredible. 


B's expressions crack me up - this is a clear "Where the snacks at?" face. Our pool days are getting more limited now that it's August. It's crazy how fast summer's gone by, We took B to the pool after her nap on Saturday evening, and it was almost too chilly to swim with the cool breeze (ahem 30 MPH winds). Who would've thought 88 degrees could feel chilly??


Someone insisted they bring "Gee" (blankie) into the grocery store - also not pictured but in the cart is Elmo :)

After church, B and I ran a grocery errand while Jordan did some organizing at the house. We typically save the big grocery runs at ALDI for Monday or Tuesday since their selection is usually much better those days. I only needed some deli meat and random produce for lunch though so we made a little trip over to Dillon's for B to ride in a car cart. We were getting ready to park, and I noticed there were zero car carts available, so we aborted the mission and buzzed over to Whole Foods instead. Luckily for us, their ONE car cart was available. These days, B does 1000x better at the grocery store with either snacks, a car cart, or both for maximum success. And it was the weekend after all, so we treated ourselves to some free samples, car cart ridin' and big livin' at Whole Foods. 


Jordan hung my paintings in the front room! We're avoiding investing in curtains in here for awhile since it'll be a custom job most likely. In the meantime, these paintings brighten the room up and make it feel more finished. Also shoutout to BAE for hanging these straight and even on the wall. He's handy - I'll keep him around.


Nothing like a little ice in the wading pool for some free entertainment! It's still very warm and summery here, but I'm starting to sense the change in the air already. Maybe it's the slight shift in weather, but I can feel the change in seasons on the horizon, and it's brightening my mood in the best ways. We've loved this summer more than most, and I'll be sad to see it go. But Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I'm secretly hoping the cool weather comes in sooner than later.


It's been a minute since I've done a Lately post! We're well into a summer groove right now between mornings at the pool, play dates, and visiting some of our favorite kid-friendly places around town. 

The daily morning routine goes a little like:

  • Hanging in Mom & Dad's room while they get ready + cartoons in bed.
  • B eats breakfast in her pj's.
  • I get the kitchen cleaned up from the night before while B's safely locked down for 10 min in her highchair.
  • We get ready for the day, and attempt for 30 min to leave the house for whatever errand or activity we've got planned. And 11/10 times I'll forget something key like diapers, a water for B, snacks, etc. I like to live on the edge. 

Typically, by 10AM we're in the car off to the park, pool, or other activity. We've really been trying to make mornings about burning energy since B dropped her morning nap earlier this year. And at least once or twice a week, an errand gets mixed in. 


And by 12PM, we're back home eating lunch and winding down for nap! B's a great napper and sleeps from 1-4PM most days. I work remotely on graphic design things for the family business while she sleeps. Evenings are usually spent getting dinner ready, running errands, and hanging out with Daddy after he gets home from work. Weekends have been really nice with not a lot going on. We've been spoiled with no plans, so a lot of our weekends lately have been family time doing fun things around town. 


Our nice little routine got totally demolished a few weeks ago though when all three of us came down with a nasty virus. B got it first, then me, and finally Jordan. It took me forever to get past it with literally two weeks of fevers (summer fevers are SO strange I've decided) and two doctor's visits for medicine. B's had two ear infections because of it, and we're reaching the point of having that conversation with her ped about tubes. (BOO) Jordan had tubes as a little boy, and my brother was really close to getting tubes as well. Most of the time genetics give you all the good things, but sometimes you inherit some real bummers. (Also B's rocking the doctor's gloves because our most recent Urgent Care visit left us with some really fun prizes like the gloves + a lollipop. Lemons -> Lemonade)


B's in a HUGE Daddy phase right now, and Jordan's loving it. She's been learning some really funny tricks from him like "Show us your muscles!" and my personal favorite: "Whaaaat?" where she scrunches up her nose and winks. He can literally do no wrong at the moment, including absolutely zero protesting from B when he washes her hair. (She does NOT like washing her hair!)


We're also on the brink of B turning 22 months which means her birthday is on the horizon. I'm kind of in denial of everything that's ahead, including big girl beds and potty training. In so many ways she's still SO little, and in other ways I'm seeing her start to change into a little girl. It's mind blowing how fast it happens! Anyways, we're putting off all important milestones until after the birthday because my heart can't take it. I'm distracting myself with pinning birthday ideas and mentally planning party details. I've decided it'll be way more low key this year, and the theme will be something B really loves.

And that about sums it up! We're all feeling a lot better right now, and are so thankful for good health, time together as a fam, and days that are less than 100*F.