B's Room Tour for Fall


It’s FALL, people! The rest of our house is pretty simply decorated for the season (saving the big holiday decor for late November post-Thanksgiving - I have like 5 totes just for Christmas. CAN’T WAIT.) Anyways, I did a poll on Instagram asking how many people decorate their kids’ rooms for holidays, and got a 50/50 response of yes/no. I think the reason why I’ve started decorating B’s room is because she’s so easily delighted by new things, and it’s much easier to keep everything in place since her room is not a common play area. This may change over time, but for now it’s really fun to throw a little festive decor out just for her room.

I’ll link everything at the bottom of the post, but if you shop Target often you’ll recognize some Dollar Spot items. Last year, I bought all real tiny pumpkins, but thinking about having to buy them every year just seems silly. This year, I grabbed a bunch of these cloth ones from the Dollar Spot to store for seasons to come.


This “How to Make Friends with a Ghost” book is even sweeter than the Casper movies, and I love the illustrations in it. The ABC book is also a cute one - great for babies and toddlers. (Linking everything at the bottom for you!) Even if you don’t decorate your kids’ rooms, swapping out their normal books for holiday books is an easy way to be more festive for any season. B loves learning all the new words that go with each holiday! She loves to say “Punkin!” and “Goes!” (Ghost) when we go into stores that are decked out for Halloween.


Every year I’m tempted to buy a different candy bucket, but there’s something so classic about this guy. He’s just so happy, especially with a pretty flower headband from Avery & Grey (p.s. her Fall stuff is GOOD - linking here if you want to shop!)


Pom-pom garlands are my love language. I need to get another one of these for Christmas in B’s room because I love how it carries the seasonal colors around her room. I don’t think you have to completely swap out all decor to match a season - instead follow a color scheme and coordinate with the seasonal decor you DO have. The mint-colored camera and orange stuffed animal on B’s bookshelf are a great example of this!

B loves these bats from Hobby Lobby! She points to them and says “Batty” thanks to Sesame Street, and it’s the absolute CUTEST.


Shop the post below:

How to Make Friends with a Ghost
Halloween ABC Board Book

Cat pillow
Bat garland (Hobby Lobby in-store only) - Similar here
Pom-pom garland
Chipmunk doll (similar here)
Jack-o-lantern candy bucket
Flower headband
Tiny cloth pumpkins - Target Dollar Spot
Jack-o-lantern tin - Target Dollar Spot
Modern rocking chair

B’s Outfit
Mustard ruffle sweater - Zara
Black leggings - Cat & Jack at Target
Flower headband - Avery & Grey

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Modern Fall Decor DIY for Under $20


Welcome to my super minimal Fall decor - currently saving all my pennies for Christmas decor because I truly go all out (however B’s room is getting decked out for Halloween, so stay tuned for that post.) I’ve been pinning all the things trying to figure out how to work in some minimal Fall decor without redecorating the entire house. I kept finding white pumpkins being used as planters for succulents, but couldn’t find anything I liked in my price range that was faux. Target saved the day with their carvable faux pumpkins (linked below in the most basic instructions ever). As pretty as real pumpkins and real succulents are, I kill everything, and real carved pumpkins won’t survive til Oct 31 if you decorate this early. Scroll down for the easiest DIY evaaaa.


You’ll Need:

1 carvable pumpkin - linked here

1 serated knife

3 succulent stems - links below



  1. Carve off the top of your pumpkin just like you would when carving a real Jack-O-Lantern. Discard the stem.

  2. Gather your assortment of succulent stems, using a variety of styles and colors to make it look realistic.

  3. Arrange stems in the pumpkin - no need to hot glue these down unless you really want to. I usually reuse the stems throughout the seasons, and have had zero issues with them staying put.


A few places I love for succulent stems are: Hobby Lobby, Target, and World Market. Linked a few of my favorites (2 of them are ones I used here) below! The carvable pumpkin I used was $8, and the succulent stems added up to $4 a piece, so altogether this was a $20 project (minus tax of course).

Jordan's Office Tour with Werrell Woodworks


It's done! This office space has been a long time in the making, and I'm so ready to share it with you all that I'm busting at the seams! Jordan and I made the design decisions together for this space. He wanted something masculine, monochromatic, and modern (alliteration for the win!) My goal was to make sure everything still felt home-y and inspiring, partly because Jordan also wanted it to be a place where B could come and hang out, just like he did as a kid with his dad. Lots of texture (pillows + rug), plants, photographs of family, and a gorgeous piece of artwork helped soften a lot of the colder vibes this room gave off (Exhibit A: Cement floors - Gorgeous as they may be, make me want to curl up in a fuzzy blanket!)

The piece that completely pulls this room together for us is the custom mountain wood artwork by Werrell Woodworks. Jordan and I got married in Sonoma Valley surrounded by beautiful hills, and we frequently talk about our love of Colorado and mountains. This piece perfectly combined inspiration and warmth, with the cool factor of course. Sam and Cori (the married team that runs the show) went above and beyond for us, and we highly recommend checking their work out for your own home.


Jordan built these shelves himself! We were inspired by the site Love the Room which has tons of DIY videos and inspo with all the building materials you need linked along with the tutorials. 

I styled the shelves with a few plants, modern accents, and personal items. He had tons of personal photos from his old desk space, and I turned some of his favorites into black/white prints to frame and layer on the shelves. I used a mix of black frames, wood frames, and thick white mats to add white space. This is my favorite way of incorporating personal photos without making open shelves look too busy.


We reused a lot of home accents from our house in this space, which was both cost-effective and another way to bring home into the office for Jordan. Some of our pillows from home actually look 10x better in this space thanks to the rug we picked out from Target. It all came together really nicely.


B's favorite spot is the couch area. We sometimes bring lunch in here and watch a favorite show while Daddy works, that is if she's not busy greeting everyone in the office!


His windows are seriously the best for natural light. We originally wanted to put a massive cactus in here, but I didn't feel comfortable with a real one being on the floor (toddler parent life!) and the faux ones were either really odd looking, really expensive, or a bad combination of both. I ended up finding a great deal on this faux Sansevieria plant. Right now there's only three living plants in his office, and they're all cacti high up on the shelves. 


Seriously, can you even handle the detail on this piece? It looked so pretty in our living room for the two seconds it was stored in there (before Jordan swooped it away for his office!) The office looks even better than how we imagined it, and B and I love to visit every chance we get.

Products linked below:

Custom Mountain Wood Artwork: Werrell Woodworks

Handmade Mudcloth Pillow Cover: Stitched by Grace

Geometric Pillows: (West Elm and Target all sold out) Similar here

Sofa: Ashley Furniture

TV Storage Cabinet: Ashley Furniture

Faux Sansevieria: Amazon (Prime)

Padded Black Eames Chairs (Set of 2): Amazon (Prime)

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